‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Spoilers: Lil Scrappy’s Mother-in-Law Takes Over

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta spoilers reveal Lil Scrappy‘s mother-in-law will attempt to take over. She will claim she is doing more for the rapper than his birth mother. However, how will Scrappy respond?

Tokyo Vanity will introduce her new cosmetic line. In addition, her friends will attempt to persuade her to improve her health. But will she be offended? Her weight battles are just beginning.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Lil Scrappy‘s Monster-in-Law Drama

Lil Scrappy has had a very eventful year. The reality star and his wife Bambi, recently had a baby. In addition, Lil Scrappy was injured in a car accident. Therefore, he’s been through a lot in recent days. 

With all the recent changes in the rapper’s life, he’s required plenty of help from family. However, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta spoilers show Lil Scrappy’s mother-in-law claims she has been more present than his own mother. So, how does the rapper feel about all of this? Perhaps the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star defend his mother. Or he may agree with Bambi’s mom.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Grandmothers Face-off

Obviously Lil Scrappy‘s mother-in-law will boast about her care for him. So much so, the news will spread to his actual mother. Fans of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta are very familiar with Lil Scrappy‘s mother’s temper. So, things will likely not go well. Spoilers promise a huge argument between the two grandmas. 

Lil Scrappy’s mother-in-law will continue to say she does more for him. But, his real mother begs to differ. This could lead to some mama mayhem. Then again, they could handle things as mature adults. But probably not from recent spoilers.

Scrappy‘s mother has a history of aggression. Plus, she is admittedly crazy about her son. She usually doesn’t allow anybody to talk bad about their relationship. So, we will see how this drama ends on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta next week.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Tokyo Vanity Debuts New Cosmetic Line

Reality star Tokyo Vanity will start the season off with a bang. She will premiere her new cosmetic line. In addition, she will have a debut event for the new line. Of course, her friends will be present to support her.

Tokyo Vanity’s friends will also support her in another way. They will be very concerned about her health. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star is carrying some extra pounds. But, she is comfortable in her own skin and a very good cook, that doesn’t monitor her weight. 

However, her cast members will try to get her to take better care of herself. They will even work out with her. But the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star will give up quickly, reveal new L&HH spoilers  This will frustrate cast member Sierra. So, the two ladies will argue and the spat turns physical.

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