‘Love and Hip Hop Miami’: Trina May Sign Bobby Lytes to Rockstarr, Young Hollywood & Amara Reunite

Love and Hip Hop Miami spoilers reveal Trina will finally consider signing Bobby Lytes to Rockstarr Music Group. Last season, Trina was rather hesitant to sign Bobby. However after careful consideration, the Queen of Miami may agree to ignite her cousin’s career.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Trina, Bobby Lytes, and Rockstar Music Group

It’s no secret how much Bobby Lytes wants to be signed to his cousin’s music label. During the first season of Love and Hip-Hop Miami, Bobby persistently pursued the chance to join forces with Trina. However, Trina remained firm regarding her decision not to mix family and business. But this season, Trina has a different mentality. 

After the T&T project failed with her long time music companion Trick Daddy, she’s looking for more reliable people. Therefore, she will consider Bobby Lytes for the position. However, she hasn’t completely made up her mind yet. She constantly reminds Bobby to be patient. But Bobby will grow weary.

Bobby wants a chance to show off his talent immediately. However, Bobby’s patience will run thin. He will feel as if he’s waited an eternity for a chance to do music with Trina. Will she finally work with him?

Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Trina’s Frustration with Alvin Kelly

During season one of Love and Hip-Hop Miami, Trina’s assistant Alvin Kelly constantly dueled with Bobby Lytes. However, Trina always stood up for Alvin. Regardless of Bobby being her cousin, her assistant usually won her favor. But this season is different. Trina has grown tired of Alvin.

Apparently, Alvin will attempt business deals behind Trina’s back. As a result, this will frustrate Trina. She will approach Alvin and everything will blow up in his face. As an assistant, Trina believes Alvin should be open with her.

Young Hollywood’s Peace Offering to Amara La Negra 

Young Hollywood and Amara La Negra have a history of not getting along. Last season on Love and Hip-Hop Miami, Young Hollywood criticized the Afro Latina‘s appearance. Since their confrontation, the pair haven’t been on good terms.

However, Young Hollywood wants to change that. He will invite her to a party as a “peace offering.” However, Amara may or may not be willing to make amends with him.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Shay Johnson and Jojo Feud

Shay Johnson and Pleasure P are no longer an item. However, Pleasure P has been dating a new woman. Shay will discover her ex-boyfriend and Jojo Zarur are romanticly involved.  She will obviously be upset. The Love and Hip Hop Miami reality star will approach Jojo, and things will not turn out well. 

Previously, Shay and JoJo were friends. However, she will feel her friend betrayed her by dating Pleasure P. Amara La Negra will suggest the two discuss their issues. But instead, a heated argument will occur. Apparently, nothing will be resolved.

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