Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Amara La Negra Gives Jojo An Ultimatum, Bobby Lytes and Prince Feud

Love and Hip Hop Miami spoilers reveal Amara La Negra will insist Jojo Zarur choose between her and Bobby Lytes. She will tell her she cannot remain friends with both of them. In addition, Bobby Lytes and Prince Michael Harty will continue to feud publicly. Pleasure P well open up about his difficulty with the music business. Khaotic will unfortunately be arrested by police.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Jojo Zarur Faces a Friendship Ultimatum

Love and Hip Hop Miami spoilers show Amara La Negra is fed up. She will no longer be able to be friends with Jojo if she is interacting with Bobby Lytes. However, will Jojo be able to choose between her friends? She is good friends with both of them. Will she take heed to Amara La Negra’s warnings? Or will she continue to remain faithful to both friends?

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Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Bobby Lytes & Prince Michael Harty Fight

Bobby Lytes and Prince Michael Harty are good friends. However, lately they’ve been arguing quite a bit, especially in public places. Prince believes Bobby Lytes overreacts, and possibly doesn’t want to see him with other women. However, Bobby feels he is looking out for the best interest of his friend. In addition, Prince’s girlfriend states she’s received messages from Bobby Lytes when Prince is being “friendly” with other women. All in all, their friendship has appeared to worsen with time. Will they continue to remain close? Or will they keep brawling in public?

Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Pleasure P Opens Up

Pretty Ricky group member Pleasure P has been through a lot in his career. He’s experienced a group break up, relationship woes, as well as strife with Pretty Ricky. Pleasure P decided to become a solo artist a few years after the group’s popularity exploded. However, his solo journey interfered with the overall success of Pretty Ricky. The group’s history has been troublesome for quite some time. However this season, they will all attempt to make amends on Love and Hip Hop Miami.

Apparently, Pleasure P’s difficulty in the music business is taking a toll. He will reveal his true feelings on the next episode of Love and Hip Hop Miami. He will say

the industry has made it very difficult for him to get along with others. His apparent difficulties getting along with others is obvious on the show. Apparently, the history behind the tough guy image travels deeper than many fans believe.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Khaotic Runs From Police

Life for Khaotic has been quite chaotic since he was released from jail. The rapper can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Police will take him into custody again. However, unfortunately he will claim he was unfairly arrested after being chased by police. The reality star will claim he initially thought he was being chased by someone attempting to harm him. However, police will chase him in an unmarked vehicle. Therefore, he will lead them on a wild chase throughout Miami. Eventually, he will crash into another car, injuring the passengers. Khaotic just can’t catch a break!

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