‘Love and Hip Hop New York’: Rich Dollaz’ Baby Mama Miracle Kaye Hall Goes to Court

Love and Hip Hop New York spoilers reveal Rich Dollaz’ baby mama Miracle Kaye Hall will head to court. She will finally attempt to plead her case. Kimbella will continue to call Yandy Smith fake. Jonathan Fernandez will organize a girls trip at a winery. As a result, unresolved bad blood will resurface between the girls.

Love and Hip Hop New York Spoilers: Miracle Kaye Hall Faces Sentencing in Court

Rich Dollaz’ baby mama Miracle Kaye Hall will face her worst fears in court. She may potentially be sentenced to several years in jail. Miracle, along with Rich Dollaz and their daughter Ashley, will travel to Mississippi this episode to discover her fate. They will attend her court hearing, but will she finally accept a plea deal?

Miracle Kaye Hall reportedly shot her husband in early 2018. It was revealed in the last episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, Ashley drove the injured man to the hospital. Rich Dollaz was unaware of this fact. Therefore, he was upset. He believes it was inappropriate for his daughter to do so. 

Miracle Kaye Hall – A Domestic Violence Survivor

As a victim of domestic violence, Miracle Kaye Hall shot her husband from years of abuse. She admitted to making a mistake. However, the damage already occurred. She may be away for a while. A potential Love and Hip Hop New York tragedy.

The abuse survivor will inform Rich Dollaz she was unable to hire a lawyer. Instead, she will be represented by a public defender. This will upset Rich. He will tell Miracle she should’ve contacted him for money. However, she will state her reason for not calling him is because he already gave her $100,000 for bail money. In her opinion, asking for more money would be overkill. However regardless, Rich Dollaz would’ve supported her and given her attorney money.

Friendship Drama – Kimbella and Yandy Smith

For several episodes this season on Love and Hip Hop New York, Kimbella called Yandy Smith fake. She believes she does things to appear a certain way in public. The reality star recently welcomed a foster child into her home. However, Kimbella will claim Yandy did this only for social media. It wasn’t authentic. 

Love and Hip Hop Girls Trip Drama Explosion

Jonathan Fernandez will invite the women of Love and Hip Hop New York to a winery. Cyn Santana, Kimbella, Mariah Lynn, Sidney Starr, and Nya Lee will all be present. However, the girls trip will result in conflict. Mariah Lynn and Kimbella will argue. In addition, Sidney Starr and Nya Lee will continue to fuss. They’ve argued continuously for several episodes.

Nya Lee and Sidney Starr previously developed a friendship. However, things changed abruptly when Sidney refused Nya’s help and criticized in her style. As a result, the pair have butted heads ever since. During the winery trip, harsh feelings will resurface. Sounds like the girls trip will not be a peaceful escape.

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