‘Love and Hip Hop Miami’ : Jessie Woo and Amara La Negra Quarrel – Jojo Says Pleasure P Betrayed Her

Love and Hip Hop Miami spoilers this week reveal Jessie Woo and Amara La Negra will quarrel. Plus, Jojo will confront Pleasure P regarding his reaction during her altercation with Shay Johnson. She will feel betrayed. Bobby Lytes will reveal he finally signed with a record company. Lastly, Spectacular will approach his father about some old unresolved issues.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Jojo Confronts Pleasure P

Jojo and Pleasure P are an item this season. However, not everyone is thrilled about it. Shay Johnson is Pleasure P’s ex-lover. When she discovered his involvement with Jojo, she became infuriated. As a result, she approached Pleasure P and Jojo while they were on a date. The two L&HH Miami ladies argued – of course. However, Pleasure P immediately catered to Shay instead of his new love interest. This upset Jojo.

Therefore, during the next episode of Love and Hip Hop Miami, she’ll let him know about it. During their discussion, Pleasure P will reveal he still loves Shay. This will not sit well with Jojo. Will their relationship be in jeopardy?

L&HH Miami Spoilers: Amara La Negra and Jessie Woo Fight

Jessie Woo is not the best of friends with Amara La Negra. On a previous Love and Hip Hop Miami episode, Jessie Woo threw a bottle in Amara‘s direction as she argued with Jojo. Since this incident occurred, they’ve had bad blood. They aren’t too fond of each other.

However this week, Jessie Woo and Amara will have their own argument. Jessie Woo will be on edge because her manager isn’t providing adequate support. In her mind, Amara is soaking up all his time. Jessie Woo will also believe her manager is using her ideas to help support Amara instead of her. As a result, the ladies will have a heated altercation. The two will threaten to beat up one another on L&HH Miami.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Bobby Lytes Signs a “Deal”

It’s no secret Bobby Lytes has attempted to sign with Trina’s music company. However, Bobby has grown weary of waiting. He will reveal in the upcoming episode he’s finally been signed. But who will the L&HH Miami star be signed with?

His friends have previously warned him to refrain from signing with anybody except Trina. However, Bobby will be eager to get started making music. Will he follow his friends’ advice?

L&HH Family Drama – Spectacular Argues With His Father 

Spectacular, a member of Pretty Ricky, has a difficult relationship with his father. He also feels his father stole money from the group in the past. In the upcoming Love and Hip Hop Miami episode, he will approach his father regarding the betrayal. However, it will not go well at all.

The music artist’s father will appear to be difficult to communicate with. Therefore, the conversation will be unproductive. Will the rapper ever get along with his dad? Watch all the latest L&HH Miami drama with Jessie Woo and the rest of the crew on VH1, Wednesday nights at 10/9 PM central!

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