‘Love After Lockup’: Terra Snitches on John Miller

Love After Lockup’s Terra is tossed out on her ear but tries to make trouble as she leaves John Miller‘s house. She tells John she’s coming back to visit her sister Kristianna Roth. John Miller threatens to make her go if she shows up. Will Terra make trouble for him and Kristianna?

Love After Lockup: Terra Accuses John Miller

Fans of Love After Lockup know the participants on the show are not angels. Many of them have a past. John Miller is a convicted felon, having done 12 years in prison for forging checks. Soap Dirt previously reported he served serious prison time after getting caught. John was printing his own checks but changing one or two account numbers like it was a mistake.

The law eventually caught up with Love After Lockup’s John Miller. But, since John’s release, he appears to be staying on the straight and narrow. But scorned sister-in-law thinks otherwise. Terra is mad at him for tossing her out of the house. She has pending charges, and her sister Kristianna cannot be around Terra once Kristianna is released from jail.

Terra tells Love After Lockup viewers that John Miller did time for fraud. She wonders where he is getting the money he’s been putting into the house. Terra said John bought a new car, a new pool, new furniture, and the house is being remodeled. Terra questions where the money is coming from. Indeed, there is no mention of him working on the show Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Terra

Terra Remains a Woman Scorned

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. The ages-old quote seems true for Terra and John Miller. Terra and John have been getting feelings for each other on Love After Lockup while his wife and Terra’s sister Kristianna Roth has been in jail. Neither will admit to consummating their feelings for each other, but it appears to be a close thing.

WEtv star John Miller had to toss his sister-in-law out of the house to make room for Kristianna. This is due to Terra’s pending criminal case. The Love After Lockup star says she’s not a felon, so she questions why Kristianna can’t be around her own sister. Terra thinks John is making up this condition to get Terra out of the house.

Terra is not happy that’s she’s been put out of the house she has shared with John Miller for 10 months. She makes a promise to Love After Lockup viewers that she will be back, and it won’t take long. Terra wants to visit Kristianna Roth once she is back home. Terra’s brother-in-law refuses and says he will ask her to leave if she shows up. John surprises Terra by telling her she can’t visit Kristianna.

Love After Lockup: John Miller

Love After Lockup: John Miller Must Protect His Wife

John Miller is just a Love After Lockup husband looking out for his wife. John has been avoiding Terra since telling her she has to go. He’s uncomfortable around Terra because of the circumstances. They have been flirting and playing around while Kristianna is in prison. They are starting to have feelings for each other, and the WE tv husband feels he has to preserve his marriage to Kristianna.

The timing of Kristianna’s release and the condition that she can’t be around anyone with open charges is perfect for John Miller. He admits he likes the flirting and the attention he gets from Terra. By traditional Native American vows, his marriage will be null and void if he cheats. Having to make her leave gives John an excuse not to act on those feelings.

Plus, John Miller from Love After Lockup has to consider his wife and her freedom. Kristianna’s release might get revoked if she is found spending time with certain people. Unfortunately, Kristianna’s own sister is one of those people she can’t be around. Kristianna is prohibited from being around anyone with open or pending criminal charges. Terra admits she has a DUI charge she hasn’t been to court over. John has no choice but to protect his wife.

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