‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Kristianna Slaps Terra

Love After Lockup spoilers show Kristianna Roth slapping Terra after discovering the shenanigans going on while she’s been locked up. Fans think the slap is staged, even though they are concerned about Kristianna’s reaction when she finds out. What will this mean for her marriage?

Love After Lockup stars John And Terra Walk a Fine Line

John Miller and sister-in-law Terra of Love After Lockup have been getting very close while Kristianna Roth has been back in prison. For the last 10 months, Terra and her mother have been living with John. Both of them admit to flirting and getting frisky. Fans of the WEtv show think Terra should back off and not make moves on her sister’s man.

John Miller said more than once that he hopes Kristianna doesn’t find out about him and Terra. He tells Love After Lockup viewers that his traditional vows would be null and void if he cheated. But he also says he has cheated on every woman he’s ever been with. He wants to stay loyal to Kristianna Roth, but he enjoys the attention from her sister.

Terra put the moves on John a few episodes ago, and he rejected her. John hurt her feelings when he told her to move out so Kristianna could come home. Terra told Love After Lockup fans that she thought John made up the release conditions to get her out of the house. She promised to be back and says she knows John and they have feelings for each other.

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth

Kristianna’s Mom Spills the Tea

Kristianna and John have a happy reunion at the same spot he proposed to her the last time she got released from prison. On the way home, Kristianna Roth specifically asks John whether Terra has been flirting with him. John Miller lies to his wife and says no. Love After Lockup fans have been wondering how long it will take Kristianna to figure out what’s been going on with her husband and sister.

They won’t have to wait long to find out. The preview for the next episode of Love After Lockup Kristianna and her mom talking. Kristianna asks, incredulously, if they’re having sex. She then confronts Terra, who looks at her with a smug look and doesn’t answer. Kristianna Roth slaps her sister and wants to know, “what the f***?”

John Miller is worried about what Kristianna will do when she finds out about him and her sister. Terra acts like she doesn’t care that she’s destroying her sister’s marriage. She keeps teasing and flirting with John anyway. Love After Lockup fans are blasting Terra on social media for her actions with John.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth

Love After Lockup’s John and Kristianna Making Babies

Last week’s episode showed John Miller and Kristianna Roth talking about making babies as he picked her up in front of the prison. Soap Dirt recently reported that a fan of the WEtv show Love After Lockup spotted them in Las Vegas and Kristianna looked pregnant in real life.

Even with all the Love After Lockup drama between Kristianna Roth and Terra, it certainly appears John Miller and his wife are still together and making good on their promise to get busy. Also, Kristianna must have forgiven her husband for any indiscretions while she was locked up because, by all accounts, they appear to be still married.

Will Terra continue to cause trouble for her sister’s Love After Lockup marriage? Can Kristianna stay out of trouble long enough to make this relationship with John work? What will this baby mean to their family situation, since John already has eight kids from his previous marriages?

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