‘Love after Lockup’: Shavel Moore Drops Bomb – Bestie Freaks Out

Love After Lockup Season 3 star Shavel Moore drops a major bomb on her bestie in a LALU deleted scene. No doubt, she is beside herself with shock and worry. Now, it is sure to test their friendship just when Shavel needs her most on the WEtv reality show.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore Nervous to Come Clean about Quaylon

It’s almost time for Shavel Moore to pick up her inmate boyfriend from prison on season 3 of Love After Lockup. And, she still hadn’t told her best friend Brazil that he is in jail. Now, she’s down to the wire so she heads out with good friend Elena to tell her friend the truth. Of course, she’s extremely nervous. Turns out, Shavel is nervous her friend will judge her and that’s why she put it off so long.

Clearly, it’s not easy to tell someone the love of your life is in prison and has been for 12 years. Thankfully, she has support from her pal Elena who went through the same thing. Remember, her boyfriend was in the slammer as well and was friends with Quaylon. So, he set him up with Shavel Moore. So, Elena can relate and is in Shavel’s corner as she prepares to fess up on Love After Lockup. 

LALU: Shavel’s Best Friend in Shock

Love After Lockup‘s Shavel Moore finally fesses up to her closest friend that her man is behind bars. At this point, she knows there isn’t much choice because Quaylon’s release is coming up quickly. So, when she asks what it is he does for a living she admits he is in prison. Obviously, she is floored and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is, “What the f*ck?!”

It’s clear to see she is incredibly upset. Especially, when she hears he’s in lock-up for armed robbery. And, that Shavel Moore plans for him to live with her. No doubt, she’s livid that Shavel is putting herself and her daughter in danger. And, because she kept her in the dark for so long. Also, she’s very protective of Shavel and worries she will get played on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup Season 3: Loved Ones Share Their Concerns

It’s no secret on Love After Lockup that Shavel’s friends worry for her. Of course, Brazil is extremely nervous that her prison love will play on her kind heart and take advantage of her. Especially, because it happened before with someone who wasn’t even behind bars. Remember, Shavel and her family were scammed out of thousands by a “producer” claiming to make her a music star.

So, she certainly has reason to worry. But, Elena is just as concerned because she knows, first-hand that it can all blow up in her face. Come to find out, she put in two years with her inmate ex and it only lasted a week after his release. Of course, she was heartbroken and she doesn’t want that for Shavel Moore on Love After Lockup.

Also, when asked if she would do it again Elena was quick to respond with “Hell no.” And, she wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. So, hopefully, it will turn out better for Shavel. Catch all-new episodes of Love After Lockup Friday’s at 9 pm on WEtv to follow along with Shavel Moore and felon soulmate Quaylon.

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