‘Love After Lockup’ News: Angela & Tony plus Scott & Lizzie Return for Season 2 – Along with Four New Couples

Love After Lockup ended with Scott and Lizzie‘s love was on hold last season due to a complication with release dates. Lizzie was found with drugs in prison and may get an extra 12 years added to her time in jail.  Angela and Tony will also be returning for the new season of WE TV’s Love After Lockup.

Season 2 will continue their love story along with four new couples who all yearn to find true love. The WE TV show returns for season two on December 7th at 9/8c on WE TV.

Love After Lockup: Scott and Lizzie

The couple has been together for three years but Lizzie is in prison during the entire relationship. On this season of Love After Lockup, after Lizzie, returns home the couple move in together. However, Scott and Lizzie face several obstacles. He has waited for Lizzie for years and he has several expectations.

The week before she her release she tells Scott she doesn’t want to have sex right away. Love After Lockup spoilers hint he is not happy. The couple then face an even bigger challenge when her daughter moves in with the couple. Is Scott up for an instant family?

Couple Angela and Tony

Angela and Tony are finally together after Angela was left waiting at the bus depot last season. The older Angela finds Tony attractive because he is young and hot. However, there may not be a happily ever after for this couple. It seems an old flame of Angela’s will return with more than friendship on his mind. Only time will tell if this couple will be able to weather this latest storm.


LAL – Marcelino & Brittany

Marcelino had a recent heartbreak and decided to reach out to Brittany via Meet-An-Inmate.com. The couple met twice in the prison visiting area which lead to love. Britany is 27-years-old and has been incarcerated for almost a decade. Nonetheless, they plan to marry as soon as they can.

Clint & Tracie

Clint and Tracie have never met in person. Instead, their relationship has happened completely on-line. This hasn’t stopped Clint from decided he wants Tracie as his wife. As her release date arrives, Love After Lockup watches as this couple will find out if their love can make it in the real world.


Love After Lockup – Megan & Michael

Love After Lockup spoilers show Megan has waited a life time for the right man. She meets Michael online and thinks he is the one. He has spent most of his life in prison. Michael proposes in the prison visiting room. Megan accepts and moves into wedding planning mode. However, Michael has a secret that could change everything.

Caitlin & Matt

Caitlin is sure Matt is her future husband even though they have only met in a prison visitor’s room. He is being release in a week and they plan to move in together immediately. While Caitlin is confident, her friends and family wish she would take the relationship slowly.

Love After Lockup spoilers indicate Caitlin is ready to hit the sheets the minute Matt is a free man. However, trouble is already brewing because unbeknown to Matt, Caitlin has made plans with his mother for the new couple to live with her. She worries he will be angry because she has kept secrets.

Check back to Soap Dirt often for the latest Love After Lockup spoilers and news. The show premieres Friday December 7 at 9/8C on WE tv.