‘Love After Lockup’: Angela and Tony Breakup Confirmed

Love After Lockup alums Angela Gail and Tony were off-again-on-again on the main show and spinoff Life After Lockup. Now, WEtv confirmed their breakup in a recent chat with Tony, separate from Angela, where they talked regrets and issues that plagued their post-prison pairing.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail Says Tony Needs Authority

Watching Love After Lockup, you’d think Angela Gail was harsh as she rode Tony constantly. She demanded to know where he was, what he was doing, and kept him on a short leash. Yet, Angela describes herself as “a giving kind of person.”

Now, Angela Gail said her Love After Lockup hubby Tony needed “someone to be kind of hard on him” and says he needs authority in his life. Then she said, “the commitment and authority kind of work hand in hand.” So, Angela thought her being bossy was best for him.

Do you remember the list Angela made for Tony on Love After Lockup? It read like something you’d see in a halfway house. She promised random phone and vehicle searches and told him no drugs and prostitutes. If you have to put all that on the fridge, it doesn’t look good.

Love After Lock Up : Angela Gail - Tony - Life After Lockup

LALU: Tony’s Criminal History Revealed

On Love and Life After Lockup, Tony confessed that his life of crime began early with underage drinking at 14. However, Tony’s first arrest didn’t come until six years later despite his blossoming criminal career. Tony said by 15 — he was selling drugs so that he could feed his growing habit.

Then, Love After Lockup alum Tony said this was how he first fell into the prison system. Tony needed money for drugs, so he robbed an ATM. Then, when police pulled him over on that warrant, Tony had a loaded gun and drugs in the car. That was at age 20.

On the topic of Love After Lockup‘s Angela, he said he had two years left on his sentence when they started talking. Then, Tony said he requested a prison transfer from the West Coast to be in Mississippi and parole out there. But is Tony still in Angela Gail’s home state?

Love After Lock Up : Angela Gail - Tony - Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup: WE tv Confirms Split

Before swapping from Angela to Tony, WEtv host Cynthia LuCiette said, “I’m about to call her ex” Tony. Then, she promised to give watchers “the scoop.” Then, at the end of her chat with Tony, Cynthia promised to call Angela Gail back and tell her, “everything her ex just said about her.”

If you’re a Love After Lockup mega-fan, you’ll know that Angela’s journey with Tony is a series of fights, breaking up, and making up. However, now they’re split, according to WEtv. Tony hasn’t posted a pic of Angela on his social since November 2019. The same goes for Angela Gail.

However, in early 2020, when Life After Lockup aired with them on it, Angela Gail posted a few promos. We’ll update you on divorce news as we dig into this story. Meanwhile, get ready for a new season of wild post-prison pairings on WEtv starting Friday, July 3.

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