‘Love After Lockup’: Matt Frasier Arrested Again in 2020 – See the Bizarre Charges

Love After Lockup‘s Matt Frasier (Caitlin Gainer’s ex) is back in jail almost two months to the day since his last arrest. And the charges are bizarre. Most of Matt’s criminal history relates to drug convictions and robberies to allegedly fuel his drug habit. Lots of that spilled out in talks between Matt Frasier’s mother Kathy Frasier and then-girlfriend Caitlin on the reality show. Now, take a look at the strange incident that landed him behind bars yet again.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier Stays in Trouble – Multiple Arrests in Last Year

Clearly, Matt Frasier’s struggling to stay out of jail since his parole release documented by WEtv cameras. In May 2019, the police picked Matt up on traffic infractions plus slapped a meth possession charge on the felon. At the time, fans asked Caitlin if she’d bail him out. Her answer was a terse “nope”. But that wasn’t his only post-Love After Lockup arrest.

Then, over the Summer, the Washington courts issued warrants for Love After Lockup cast member Matt Frasier for FTA (failure to appear) for prior warrants. Next, in November 2019, authorities jailed Matt and he faced charges of heroin possession, driving a stolen vehicle, stolen property possession, and identity theft. Clearly, this Love After Lockup parolee keeps stumbling into trouble.

Love After Lockup: Caitlin Gainer

Matt Frasier’s Most Recent Arrest – Riding Dirty Nails Him Again

Love After Lockup updates say Matt Frasier eventually got out of jail despite Caitlin refusing to pay bail. But his freedom didn’t last. He was on the loose despite his pending charges from the November arrest and warrants. And this morning, January 15, at approximately 3 am, Washington police caught Matt again. The charges that nailed him? It was a failure to transfer his title that triggered the stop.

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And once police pulled him over because of his tags, they ran his record and found out Matt Frasier was driving on a suspended license. The Love After Lockup often-arrested reality star should know by now to stop the minor infractions (like registration and license issues) that trigger traffic stops and vehicle searches. Because now, Matt Fraiser’s back in jail. Yet, this time around, it’s unlike his other charges. See below.


Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Arrest Record - 2020


Will His Mom Bail Him Out – Or is Love After Lockup Star Stuck in Jail for Now?

Usually, it’s Matt Frasier’s mom who bails him out – as she admitted on the WEtv show. And at least this time, his bail is modest at just $1,500 total for the two charges he faces. There’s also chatter that Matt might have a new gal pal after his split from Love After Lockup partner Caitlin. So maybe his new girlfriend will get the collect call asking her to bail him out.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Custody Record - 2020

We’ll keep Love After Lockup fans updated on Matt Frasier’s jailhouse status and whether he bails out or not. With all these charges pending against him, it seems likely he may be going back to prison at some point. But we’ll wait and see. Maybe there’s a reality show spinoff idea – Lockup after Lockup. While many of the WEtv felons stay out of trouble, Matt Frasier’s clearly a repeat offender.

Of interest, the police didn’t find drugs in his car this go-round. So, that’s a small silver lining for habitually arrested Matt Frasier. Be sure to watch new episodes of LAL on Friday nights.

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UPDATE: On January 15th, 2020 at 5:56pm (Pacific Standard Time) Matt was released from custody on his own recognizance. This happens many times for low-level crimes when the defendant can’t make bail.

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