‘Love After Lockup’ News: Matt Frasier 2nd Arrest in 2 Days and On His Birthday in 2020

Love After Lockup‘s Matt Frasier was arrested again and it’s the second time in a week that Caitlin Gainer’s ex. This time it’s a drug charge. Check out the latest revolving door jail activity for the WE tv reality star – and it all went down within just a few days in Washington state.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier Back in Jail – For the Second Time Within 2 Days

It’s surprising, but not really a shock that Matt Frasier is back in custody this morning in Washington. What’s really stunning is that Matt was in and out of jail within two days and is now sitting behind bars for the foreseeable future. Last time it was traffic charges. This time, Matt Frasier’s facing more serious charges.

Soap Dirt was the first to report Love After Lockup repeat felon Matt Frasier’s January 15 arrest on his 30th birthday. And, once again, Soap Dirt is first to report Matt’s new arrest.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Custody Record - 2020

Matt was released from custody the same day on his own recognizance. That’s despite bail set at $1,000 for one infraction and $500 for the other. The $1k bond was for failure to transfer his car’s title. The smaller bond was for driving on a suspended license.Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Arrest Record - 2020



No Bail for Repeat Offender – Is Matt Behind Bars for Good This Time?

Now, police in Washington picked up Love After Lockup reality celeb Matt Frasier again – for the second time within just two days. SD exclusive: we spoke to a source at the sheriff’s department who confirmed these were two separate incidents. After his 1/15/2020 release, it was less than 24 hours before Matt’s next arrest. This time the charge was drug-related.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Custody - 2020-01-16

Matt Frasier’s history indicates this is no surprise. The arrest report lists “unlicensed possession of a controlled substance” and the class was “synthetic narcotics”. These drugs include methadone (used to detox – or for recreational use). Demerol is also this type of drug.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Drug Arrest - 2020-01-16

The sheriff’s office would not confirm to Soap Dirt what illegal drug Matt Frasier allegedly had on him at the time of his arrest. But the sheriff’s holding Matt from Love After Lockup without bond now.


New Gal While Behind Bars – Love After Lockup Again?

On Love After Lockup, we saw Matt Frasier struggle after prison, even with the support of then-girlfriend Caitlin and his mom Kathy Frasier. But, trouble follows this ex-con proven by multiple arrests since his release. Now, Matt has back-to-back run in’s with the law. In addition to a hearing on January 17, there’s two jury trials he faces in the next few months.

Because Matt Frasier from Love After Lockup has one trial in late February and another in late March. And possibly a third trial for his latest arrests this week. So, with all this pending, it seems he might be due for another prison stint. If nothing else, maybe he’ll find another girl through Meet an Inmate. Watch for more updates here at SD on his ongoing legal troubles.

UPDATE: Matt was just released (January 17th around 6:30pm Pacific Standard Time) on his own recognizance. A legal expert told Soap Dirt that this could indicate that he didn’t have his prescription for methadone (or similar synthetic) on him that he’s legally using to detox.

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