‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzie Kommes Stealing from Scott Davey?

Love After Lockup star Scott Davey recently called out Lizzie Kommes. Scott claims his ex tried to take his identity and steal from him. Watchers know he spent a lot of money on her during their time together on the WEtv show. Did the former felon try again?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Frauding Scott Davey?

According to the latest from Love After Lockup celeb Lizzie Kommes, she claims Scott Davey stole her identity and filed her under his taxes back in 2015. But, Scott tells a drastically different story. According to him, Lizzie is the one that tried to do tax fraud.

Based on what Scott Davey claimed recently, he said Lizzie Kommes tried to file taxes on her phone while in prison. Meanwhile, he added that she used his address – and even tried to mortgage his house while behind bars. Certainly, there’s a lot of mud-slinging currently going on between the Love After Lockup exes.

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey - Lizzie Kommes - Life After Lockup

Lizzie’s History with Scott

Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes have a complicated history on Love After Lockup. Lizzie said in the past that she hustled men for money while in prison. And, during the time they were together on Love After Lockup, most watchers thought Scott was nothing more than Lizzie’s latest con.

Scott Davey said on Love After Lockup that he spent over $90k on Lizzie Kommes during their time together. And, he reiterated in his recent update that she “stole” from him for three years. In his mind, she makes noise now to try and “be relevant” once again – especially since neither of them are in current content.

It’s worth noting that these are back and forth allegations from estranged exes. And, how much is actually true is anyone’s guess. But, according to Scott Davey, things are serious enough that he is contemplating suing his former girlfriend.

Love After Lockup: Former Felon Back to Old Habits?

On the surface, it looks like Lizzie Kommes really turned her life around since kicking Scott Davey to the curb. She lost weight, reconnected with her daughter, and even found a new man recently. In addition, she embraced her spirituality and even got matching cross tattoos with her daughter.

But, if what Scott says is true, she may be falling back into her criminal ways behind the scenes. Meanwhile, some Love After Lockup watchers think Scott could still be bitter about the way things ended between the pair. And, some followers even accused him of bringing all of these accusations up for relevance, too.

Either way, these are some hefty allegations from the Love After Lockup cast members. And, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on this situation to see if any new developments arise. In the meantime, there’s definitely a lot of he said, she said to comb through.

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