‘Love After Lockup’: Lamar is a Grandfather Twice Over – Did You Know?

Love After Lockup ex-con Lamar Jackson is a grandfather two times over – in case you didn’t know. Now, he and Andrea Edwards share a child on the WEtv show and spinoff. But it turns out, Lamar is more than just a father and an ex-felon – he is a grandpa, too.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson a Grandfather

Love After Lockup‘s Lamar Jackson is in his forties. And him having children is something a lot of watchers might expect. But him being a grandfather is a curveball many viewers may not know about. In previous episodes, he said he became a father in his teens – not long before he went to prison.

Lamar Jackson attempts to build a relationship with his oldest child, Shante Medearis, on the Love After Lockup spinoff. It seems he does the same with her children, too. He recently celebrated his grandson Davante Medearis’ birthday. And it looks like he enjoyed spending time together with Shante and Davante.

Love After Lockup: Shante - Lamar Jackson

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards Turns Over a New Leaf?

Andrea Edwards got off on the wrong foot with Lamar Jackson’s friends and family right out of the gate. When he first got out of prison on Love After Lockup, his relatives and friends met up with the former felon. Meanwhile, his ex and his oldest child, Shante, were there as well. But Andrea Edwards completely bailed on the meeting.

Moreover, even though they live in California in current episodes of the Love After Lockup spinoff, Andrea still doesn’t like Lamar hanging around his old crowd — especially not his ex or his daughter. Because of Andrea’s feelings about this, Lamar Jackson met up with Shante in secret — and he took his youngest daughter Priscilla with him.

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Priscilla (Andrea and Lamar Jackson’s shared daughter) spills the beans about meeting her half-sister Shante. We expect a lot of drama on WEtv with that. But since he is seeing Shante and his grandchildren, perhaps Andrea softened her stance on them. Either that or Lamar’s seeing them against her wishes. Clearly, he’s in their lives, though.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson - Shante

More Drama to Come on WEtv

Lamar seems to be in a good place with Shante and his grandson Davante now. But there are still issues to iron out in current episodes of the Love After Lockup spinoff. In addition to keeping secrets from Andrea Edwards, Lamar missed a lot of time with his youngest daughter.

When watchers first met Lamar on Love After Lockup, he was in jail for robbery with a deadly weapon. And by the time he got out, he’d served 18 years behind bars. Because of that, he missed out on being with Andrea Edwards sooner – and he also missed out on being there for daughter Shante — and her two children.

Lamar said on Life After Lockup that he wanted his oldest daughter in his life. And even though he missed out on a lot of years, it looks like things go well for him currently — as both a father and grandfather.

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