‘Love After Lockup’: John Slater Writes Lacey a Dear Jane Letter

Love After Lockup star John Slater is finally done with Lacey. He even writes a “Dear Jane” letter to her, to pour his feelings out. He needs a fix to deal with the breakup and a friend comes to the rescue. Can John stay away from Lacey and not slide back into using again?

Love After Lockup: John Slater is Over Lacey

John Slater and Lacey of Love After Lockup have dated on and off since high school. In the previous episode, John revealed he even thought he loved her. He sits down and writes a letter to Lacey, ending their relationship. He even tells her it’s the last time she’s ever going to hear from him.

John says he knows she doesn’t care but it’s his goodbye letter to her. Lacey finally broke him when she called the cops, knowing it could put him back in prison for five or six years. He’s done with her for good. John Slater calls his buddy Lloyd and tells him to meet at their usual bar. He tells WEtv viewers of Love After Lockup that drugs and alcohol have always been his go-to.

John Slater heads for the local hang-out and ex-cellmate Lloyd says he brought him something to calm him down. They go around to the back of the bar where Lloyd opens up a bag and hands the contents to John. The Love After Lockup celeb’s face lights up when he sees what Lloyd brought. An ice cream bar is exactly what he needs to satisfy his craving and not go on a bender.

Love At First Sight: John Slater - Lacey's Father

Lacey’s Dad Has a Beef

The last time fans of Love After Lockup saw John Slater, he was facing off with Lacey’s Dad over him bothering Lacey and the kids. John had just gotten out of jail and the first person he contacts is Lacey. Dad went ballistic and made a beeline for his daughter’s boyfriend’s house to set him straight. John refused to fight because he didn’t want to go right back in the slammer.

Dad let John know that Lacey is the one who sicced the cops on him. John Slater said he knew it but he didn’t want to believe it. He admitted he “felt like a dumbass” for thinking he loved her. Lacey set him up, and before that, they had a plan to get married and start a family. Now she’s pregnant and Shane Whitlow is taking over his place in her life on Love After Lockup.

Lloyd surprisingly has some decent advice for John Slater. Any woman who’d treat him like that isn’t worth being married to, in his opinion. Because John would always have to worry about her doing it to him again. John shakes his head and wonders why he can’t seem to get over his Love After Lockup girlfriend.

Love After Lockup: John Stays on the Wagon

John realizes, talking to Lloyd, that he was about to make a big mistake. They sit on the tailgate, in the bar parking lot and John Slater is able to reject the impulse to grab a beer and hunt up some drugs. This is his first challenge out of jail, and the Love After Lockup star nearly failed it.

The WEtv Love After Lockup felon has always turned to drugs and alcohol in the past to resolve his problems, and now he’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow. His old cellmate came to the rescue tonight, but John Slater will have to learn how to stay strong against the lure of riding that high.

Can John Slater find a new outlet for his stress when life gets him down? Will he be able to get over Lacey and keep out of her life? He’ll have to if he wants peace in his heart. This Love After Lockup star has a rough road ahead to stay clean and sober.

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