‘Life After Lockup’: Lacey & Shane Whitlow Fight & Reunite in New Season – John Still a Problem

Life After Lockup spoilers bring more drama from Lacey and Shane Whitlow. Previously, Lacey ditched Shane and went back to John Slater. But, teasers for the upcoming WEtv quarantine special say there’s more in store for the married couple and their lingering love triangle with her ex.

Life After Lockup: Lacey Kicked Shane Whitlow to the Curb

There were fights galore among Shane Whitlow, wife Lacey, and John Slater at the end of the previous Life After Lockup season. Shane revealed he cheated on Lacey during their marriage. And, that looked like a deal-breaker for her. There’s also the fact that John was still in the picture at the time.

After the fallout with Shane Whitlow, Lacey went back to John. And, another Love After Lockup confrontation loomed between the two felons that love Lacey. Meanwhile, at the end of the previous season, it looked like the marriage was over. And, that Lacey went back to John Slater for good.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey - John Slater - Shane Whitlow

LAL: Shane & Lacey Reunite?

Life After Lockup spoilers for the upcoming four-part quarantine special say that Lacey has news for Shane Whitlow. At this point in their WEtv storyline, they go a few months without speaking after Lacey chose John. In the previous Life After Lockup episodes, Shane said there’d be no coming back as a couple. But, it looks like things aren’t over for the pair just yet.

Life After Lockup spoilers don’t say what Lacey reveals to Shane in the upcoming shows. But, with everything that’s gone down off-camera since filming the previous season, it’s likely Lacey tells Shane she wants to get back with him. And, if that’s the case, it’s possible she kicks John Slater to the curb for good.

What to Expect on Life After Lockup Self-Shot Season

The upcoming Life After Lockup quarantine special has returning favorites trying to adjust to life in the COVID-19 pandemic. Most WEtv storylines are intense – even without a global disease lockdown not in effect. So, this certainly adds another layer to the new episodes.

There’s also the fact that unlike the usual production, the Life After Lockup cast members film themselves. And, teaser clips say there’s a lot of tension ahead for the returning pairs – including Shane Whitlow and wife, Lacey.

Meanwhile, followers keeping up with updates in real-time know that Lacey and her estranged husband Shane are together now. Despite going back and forth between the ex-inmates, it looks like Lacey sticks with hubby Shane. And, since filming the prior season, John Slater went back to jail and was only recently released.

Shane Whitlow added recently that he and his wife are currently living their “best life.” Even so, some watchers think she only chose her husband because of John Slater’s return to jail. Mr. and Mrs. Whitlow seem happy now. But, given their history, for how long is anyone’s guess.

Catch all-new episodes starting Friday, September 11 only on WEtv.

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