‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey Gives Relationship Advice For a Fee On Juggling Two Men

Love After Lockup cast member Lacey gives relationship advice for a price. Despite juggling Shane Whitlow and John Slater on the WEtv show and its spinoff, Life After Lockup, viewers come to the cam model for relationship tips. What does she have to say?

Love After Lockup: Lacey Offers Relationship Tips for a Fee

In addition to offering video shout-outs to fans (for a price), Love After Lockup celeb Lacey now offers relationship advice for a fee. For anyone struggling in their relationship, they can turn to Lacey for $39. But, whether or not Love After Lockup watchers take her up on that yet to be seen.

Lacey juggled inmate Shane Whitlow and felon John Slater at the same time on Love After Lockup and the other spinoff from WEtv, Life After Lockup. So, in the eyes of many viewers, she may not be the best person to give advice on relationships. But for a small fee, she can give advice on how to juggle two men at the same time.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey - John Slater - Shane Whitlow

Advice for Singles Putting Themselves Back on the Market

Lacey doesn’t always handle things well with the men in her life. And, her relationship advice seems to mirror her approach with John Slater and Shane Whitlow on Love After Lockup. Lacey said that if she were newly single and looking to put herself back on the market, she wouldn’t concern herself with just one man. In her words, she would “try all the flavors”.

Lacey encourages her Love After Lockup followers to “have a good time” and “hop around”. She also said to enjoy not having to answer to anyone. And, she said focusing on yourself as an individual is important. In a nutshell, she said to “go out there and find some d***”.

Lacey going back and forth between different men is the focal point of her WEtv storyline. And, even after she walked down the aisle with Shane Whitlow, she kept John Slater around. And, it certainly looks like she encourages similar behavior among her Love After Lockup fans.

Love After Lockup: Are Lacey and Shane Whitlow Still Together?

With current Love After Lockup episodes off the air, many watchers wonder if Lacey and hubby Shane Whitlow are still together. The pair dealt with drama beyond the love triangle with John Slater. And, many fans wonder if the pair are still an item.

This is especially true given Lacey’s recent advice to fans. She said she would try all the flavors if she were still single. But, it’s possible she put that behind her since marrying Shane. She recently said their love story is the “Best Love Story Ever”.

So, it certainly looks like Love After Lockup‘s Shane Whitlow and wife Lacey are still going strong as a couple. They dealt with things in the past like lingering issues with John. And, there were even abuse claims a few months back. But, based on recent updates from the pair, it seems Lacey and Shane are happily married.

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