‘Love After Lockup’: John Backs Down From a Fight with Lacey’s Father

Love After Lockup reveals John Slater is back after his latest stint in jail, thanks to Lacey Whitlow. Lacey’s dad isn’t happy with John and heads over to give him an earful. Both men speak harsh words on the porch, but will it come to blows?

Love After Lockup: John Slater Still Messing Around

Since high school, John Slater has been getting with Lacey off and on, but they didn’t reconnect until 2018. She’s with Love After Lockup husband, Shane Whitlow, right now but recently got back with John briefly. Lacey says Shane cheated on her, so she went back to John Slater for comfort and to make her husband jealous. What it did was make her Dad mad at her.

Lacey Whitlow and John Slater went out drinking, and Lacey got upset when he talked to other women. She left him at the bar and went home. When he got back to her house, she’d called the cops on him, and he went back to jail. John spent several months in jail because he violated his probation. Consequently, when he got out, he wasted no time letting his Love After Lockup ex-girlfriend Lacey know.

Lacey kept the news that “Jailbird John” was out of jail from her husband, Shane Whitlow. Her father disagreed with that decision and told Shane anyway. Dad’s interference with the Love After Lockup on the WEtv couple led to Lacey getting upset with her dad. They talked it out and got a lot of ancient history off their chests from Lacey’s childhood.

Love After Lockup: Lacey's Father

Lacey’s Dad Builds up Steam

Lacey’s father told her Shane is the best guy she’s ever been involved with, and he has no idea why she keeps fooling around with Love After Lockup’s John Slater. However, her father tells her he’s not going to apologize because it was the right thing to do unless she has something to hide. There is no reason Shane shouldn’t know Lacey’s ex-boyfriend John is out of jail. As a result, Lacey insists she has nothing to hide from her husband, Shane.

The angry parent tells his Love After Lockup daughter if she’s going to be a grownup, act like a grownup. Consequently, he’s not the best example because he was away at sea for years at a time. Dad promises to tell John Slater he’s done harassing Lacey’s family.

Lacey’s father worked himself up into a tizzy over John Slater getting with his daughter. He got in his truck and drove to John’s house, ready to fight. When he gets to the house, he is ready to rumble with John Slater of Love After Lockup. Dad calls him out, and they meet in front of the house.

Love After Lockup: John Slater

John Slater Refuses To Take a Swing on Love After Lockup

When Love After Lockup’s John Slater steps out, above all, he has no plans to get into it with Lacey’s father. He values his freedom too much to risk going back to jail over some nonsense. Lacey’s Dad looks ready to fight. For example, he’s clenching fists and swinging his arms as he tells his daughter’s boyfriend he shouldn’t be trifling with Lacey. John Slater says he was trying to find out what happened.

Moreover, all John wants to know is whether Lacey set him up. “Damn right,” says Lacey Whitlow’s Dad. The concerned parent asks him what he expected with Lacey having three kids? He put himself in a stupid position, and for what? John Slater tells viewers of Love After Lockup he knew Lacey did it. He just needed to hear somebody say it.

John Slater feels abused and betrayed by Lacey. He admitted to Love After Lockup followers he “feels like a dumb*ss” for even thinking he loved her. Lacey’s dad has a few parting words. Leave Lacey and the kids alone. No more threats. Just leave his daughter alone. John quietly agrees. Will John Slater stay away from his Love After Lockup girlfriend? Time will tell on WEtv.

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