‘Love after Lockup’: John Slater in Jail Again – Still a Threat to Lacey-Shane Marriage? 

Love After Lockup star John Slater is locked up once again but may still cause problems for Shane Whitlow and Lacey’s marriage because she isn’t over him. Plus, she feels she doesn’t know Shane anymore since discovering he cheated on her on Life After Lockup. So, their marriage may still be at risk due to her feelings for John on the WEtv reality show.

Love After Lockup: Lacey Fed Up With Husband Shane Whitlow – Misses John Slater

Love After Lockup celeb Lacey is heartbroken over Shane Whitlow’s infidelity. Surely, she thought she knew Shane but his actions are making her wonder if he’s right for her. Remember, he promised to never hurt her but then he wound up in bed with another girl. Shane came clean about it but it doesn’t change what he did. Now, Lacey thinks she made a mistake marrying Shane.

And, Lacey wants to be with John Slater on Love After Lockup. The last time John went to prison it hit Lacey hard. She now realizes how much she loves and misses him. Now, she’s saying she won’t be with Shane much longer and wants to pursue a relationship with John again. Clearly, she is more torn than ever after Shane’s dirty deed. However, she worries John Slater will go back to prison and that scares her.

And, with good reason because Love After Lockup updates confirm he just got arrested for driving under the influence. No doubt, that news is sure to devastate Lacey. She was counting on him to stay out of lock up and that exactly where he ended up. So, she going to be furious but it won’t change how she feels about him.

Love After Lockup: Lacey

Lacey’s Ex-Fiance Back in Jail for DUI

John Slater of Love After Lockup was adamant that he is staying out of jail for good this time. Recently, he did his time in rehab and worked hard to prove to Lacey and his family that he’s changing his ways. However, he slipped up again was busted for drunk driving. It’s unclear if drugs we involved but John struggles with alcohol addiction as well on Love After Lockup. No doubt, he was trying to numb his pain over something.

Remember, last time he got hammered it was over drama with Lacey and Shane. So, he might not be able to give up the booze and that could cause problems between him them. Certainly, it seems Lacey truly wants to be with John Slater. But, if he can’t keep himself out of prison there may not be a future for them. However, just because he’s constantly battling the law and his drug problem doesn’t mean Lacey doesn’t love him on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: John Slater

John Slater Still a Threat to Lacey and Shane’s Marriage on Life After Lockup

John Slater might continue to be a thorn in Shane Whitlow’s side on Love After Lockup even from behind bars. Shane deeply hurt Lacey by cheating on her and broke her trust. She already went straight to John and it’s clear they still have deep feelings for each other. More importantly, John never cheated on her and Shane did. Certainly, he has a problem with drugs and alcohol on LALU.

But, that’s the only thing that ever stood in their way on Love After Lockup. Surely, he never put his hands on her or slept with another woman. So, he’s certainly looking like the better choice to Lacey. Of course, she must be let down that he got himself back in the slammer. But, he’ll surely be out again and Lacey might not be able to stay away from him.

No doubt, her and Shane have a lot of problems and Lacey reaching her limit. So, just because John is in jail doesn’t mean her heart doesn’t belong to him. Keep watching Love After Lockup to see if Lacey stays with Shane despite their issues or follows her heart back to John Slater.

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