‘Love After Lockup’: Is Tracie Wagaman Living in a Crack House [Shocking New Pics]

Love After Lockup fans last saw Tracie Wagaman on episodes of Life After Lockup, she was headed for rehab but is she back to crack now? If you’ve followed news on Tracie and Clint Brady here at Soap Dirt, you may know they split, and he’s got another woman. Now, it looks like she’s spinning out based on stunning new photos and videos of her that look like a crack house.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Confirms Split – Disses Clint Brady’s New Woman

Although Life After Lockup viewers saw Clint go back to Tracie Wagaman over and over, it seems this time, he’s done and dusted. He moved to Ohio while Tracie’s left New Mexico and relocated to Texas. But, if Clint’s happy in his new life, Tracie’s certainly not thrilled with his actions.

She confirmed she and her Love After Lockup husband split three months ago. Plus, she said she wouldn’t be back for Life After Lockup. In a recent video, she rambled that none of the cast will be on again because it’s going to be a “YouTube thing” instead.

Also, Tracie said while she won’t be back on TV, she’s got “something big” coming in two months. Tracie Wagaman’s been making paid video messages and said on one recently that Clint’s with his “new girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever that thing is,” a blatant diss on his new gal pal.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Tracie Wagaman - Life After Lockup

Tracie Delivers Disturbing Mother’s Day Messages

Now, Tracie Wagaman’s recent videos and photos, she looks to be on a troublesome decline post-Love After Lockup. First, she repeatedly refers to herself as “the motherf***ing crack goddess” – even on Mother’s Day messages, which should be cheery.

Tracie recently rambled that “two years ago, I was nobody.” Then, she said she was on a “rollercoaster in her life,” went to rehab, and was up and down. Now, she said she’s “waiting on divorce papers” from her Love After Lockup spouse.

Dazed and Confused?

In these videos, Tracie looked tired, had no makeup on, and seemed unfocused. In one Mom’s Day video, the Love After Lockup star offered advice. She said, “Please, please, please, don’t do it – don’t smoke no motherfuc**** crack because you don’t want to wind up like I did.”

And, Tracie Wagaman also offered this sad message in a Mom’s Day video. She said, “Unfortunately, I’m unable to see my little boy today, but it’s okay because he’s in great, great hands. One day he’ll know that I’m his mother.”

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Is Tracie Wagaman Homeless Now Without Her Love After Lockup Hubby?

At the end of March, Tracie showed off a fat stack of cash from a casino win. But, with Clint and his family money gone, it looks like she may be on hard times. Over Mother’s Day weekend, you could tell Tracie was staying in a hotel room, based on the furniture and accessories in the room.

Now, the Love After Lockup alum is in a much rougher place. You can see the above pics from a recent video from Tracie Wagaman. She’s seated on a broken green wooden chair, the door behind her is busted, worn, and missing a doorknob. But, that’s not all you see of Tracie.

As she swivels the camera around, you can see a wall tagged with spray paint. And there’s a pile of used bottles and trash. Love After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman ignored her dire surroundings, though, and delivered yet another personal video message with depressing info about her life.

Tracie offered props to someone else’s husband on the video. Then, she said, “My freaking husband doesn’t even work”. Then added “But he’s now with his mistress, so it’s just me”. Are these all red flags of yet another sad decline in Tracie Wagaman’s life? Stay tuned here for the latest updates.

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