‘Life After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman’s New Addiction Revealed?

Life After Lockup celeb Tracie Wagaman has a brand new addiction. Addiction and drug use play a major role in her life – as well as on the WEtv show. But, with the world rocked by the coronavirus threat, has Tracie found a new drug of choice? What’s the latest?

Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Struggles with Drugs

Tracie Wagaman is in and out of rehab often. And, Love After Lockup watchers saw her fight with estranged husband Clint Brady on the most recent season of Life After Lockup over it. Clint Brady wanted Tracie Wagaman to kick her habit and get clean. But, she refused initially.

Eventually, she agreed to go. But, Tracie Wagaman has a history of turning back to drugs and relapsing. Tracie was missing in action recently for a few weeks. And, it turns out she was in rehab. But, now that she and hubby Clint Brady are on the outs, it looks like she turned to a brand new vice to fill the void.

Life After Lockup Update: Tracie Wagaman’s New Addiction Revealed?

Turns out Life After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman swapped meth for the casino. She seems to be at the casino constantly now that she is free of Clint Brady and making her own choices. She wins at the casino and there are pics of her with a significant amount of cash prizes. But, as fellow Life After Lockup cast member Marcelino Santiago knows, you’re still gambling and nothing is a guarantee.

Still, that doesn’t seem to stop Tracie Wagaman from hitting up the gambling tables and looking to score. And, even though she does win sometimes, many Life After Lockup followers feel she traded one addiction for another. And, losing at the casino can be just as destructive if you have a run of bad luck.

Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Tracie Gambling During Quarantine

Meanwhile, it looks like Tracie Wagaman doesn’t let coronavirus quarantine keep her from placing her bets. This is one of the things that has many Life After Lockup watchers thinking she traded one addiction for another. On the other hand, some say maybe she is lucky now that she no longer has Clint Brady in her life.

Tracie Wagaman recently put out a Life After Lockup clip giving viewers advice on how to make it through quarantine and self-isolation. But, she didn’t include gambling as one of her preferred coping strategies. Tracie won two jackpots back in February with prize money totaling $15,700. So, it’s possible she does everything she can to capitalize on her previous success.

Even though she is fresh off some gambling wins, it’ll be interesting to see what happens if her luck takes a turn. Perhaps her odds are good while there are fewer people out and about gambling. But, whether or not she spirals after a bad beat will be something to watch – especially if she turns back to drugs to soothe a loss. At least for now, things seem to pay off for Tracie. And, she’ll likely continue while her luck is good.

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