‘Love After Lockup’: Daniel Valentine Just Married Zanna But Looking for Another Girlfriend Already

Love After Lockup cast member Daniel Valentine just married Zanna Valentine – but, it looks like he already wants another girlfriend. Already, Daniel made a lot of changes in his life over the last few months. And, his situation is drastically different since calling it quits with WEtv girlfriend, Lizzy Copeland.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine Looking for a Girlfriend?

Love After Lockup watchers keeping up with Daniel Valentine off-camera know he married his girlfriend, Zanna Valentine, in early July. But, early on in their union, it looks like they already want to add a little extra flavor to their lives. It turns out, Daniel Valentine intends to turn his new marriage into a “throuple” situation.

That means a couple adds a third person – in this case, another girlfriend – to the relationship. Dynamics may differ in every relationship, but usually, all three are romantically (and physically) involved with one another. Love After Lockup star Daniel went on to say in recent updates that his wife is “into it.” So, it seems both Zanna and Daniel want to add someone else to their lives.

Now, them adding another woman to their dynamic sparked interest among Love After Lockup viewers. And, Daniel even joked that he’s accepting resumes for anyone interested. Meanwhile, it looks like a few LALU fans want to get in on what he and Zanna are planning.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

LALU: Daniel Reaching Huge Milestones

Love After Lockup‘s Daniel Valentine made significant life changes in recent months. Along with walking down the aisle, he got clean from hard drugs. And, he seems to be in an overall better place in life since leaving his criminal past behind. Falling back into bad habits as a former felon is always a risk. But, Daniel seems to do better in his current situation.

Daniel Valentine told his Love After Lockup followers recently that you “only live once.” And, he seems to live by that principle since coming out of the clink. Meanwhile, along with all of this, it seems he and his wife may look to relocate, too. So, there’s a lot going on right now when it comes to these two and what they want for their future.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

WEtv Star Coming Back to TV?

Love After Lockup celeb Daniel Valentine hinted at appearing in more WEtv content coming up. He said he was “excited” for what was coming. But, he didn’t give away any specifics at the time – nor did he mention if Zanna might be in the content with him.

Meanwhile, now that he’s married, some Love After Lockup fans wonder if he will appear in new episodes with his wife, Zanna Valentine. WEtv brings old cast members back for new shows and specials. So, that’s a possibility for Daniel and his bride Zanna. On top of that, if Daniel and wife Zanna succeed in finding a third, they could easily find their way onto a show like Extreme Love.

For now, it looks like Daniel Valentine enjoys his freedom and all the possibilities he has in front of him since getting clean. And, that’s progress considering where he came from as he makes a new happy life with Zanna Valentine.

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