‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzy Copeland Spills Daniel’s Secrets – Says He’s Back on Drugs

Love After Lockup‘s Lizzy Copeland is spilling Daniel Valentine‘s dirty secrets now that the current season of the show is a wrap. Both cast members confirmed their split a few weeks ago. And, Daniel has been seen with a new woman. Now, Lizzy is breaking her silence and dishing dirt on Daniel. What did she reveal?

Love After Lockup: Lizzy Copeland Dishes on Daniel Valentine

Lizzy Copeland has put Daniel Valentine’s dirty laundry out in the open. She revealed why she thinks Daniel Valentine is a “piece of sh**”. Lizzy went on to say he left her for a “meth head” even though Daniel said it wasn’t because of the drugs. Lizzy also told her Love After Lockup followers to take a look at how much weight he dropped because it’s a telling sign that someone is back on drugs.

Throughout the season on Love After Lockup, Lizzy and her ex Daniel Valentine seemed to be on a different page. She was ready to have kids and start a family. Meanwhile, Daniel had other priorities in mind. He chose to spend money on a car rather than put money down to secure their wedding venue. While he did propose to her and get a full-time job, he didn’t put any of that money towards a wedding.

Meanwhile, Lizzy went on to say how she bought him a car, put clothes on his back, and made sure he had everything he wanted. The Love After Lockup celeb said that if she knew everything she knows now, she would have “let his a** be lonely in prison”.

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Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine Back on Drugs?

Love After Lockup cast member Lizzy went on to say Daniel let a “snake” into their lives. And that he chose to give up his sobriety. She added that it wasn’t a path she was willing to go down with him in the end. Meanwhile, many Love After Lockup watchers are taking note of Daniel Valentine’s physical appearance. And, even his friend on Love After Lockup asked him if he’d eaten anything and commented on his drop in weight.

With Daniel’s gaunt appearance and Lizzy’s claims that he’s back to using, it sheds more light on why they split in the end. Daniel’s mother was an obstacle for them in the beginning on Love After Lockup. But, it seems him going back to his old habits may have led to this couple’s split. Meanwhile, it seems Lizzy Copeland and his mother are still at odds even after the split. Lizzy posted a video saying his mom called her a “cu**” so she threw a rock at her.

In addition, Lizzy Copeland claims Daniel’s mom knew he was fooling around behind her back but chose not to say anything. When Lizzy finally confronted her about it, all she said was she thought she knew. And, that’s something Lizzy didn’t buy.

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What is Lizzy Copeland Doing Now?

Now that the latest season of Love After Lockup is a wrap, it looks like Lizzy Copeland is doing everything she can to move on from her time with Daniel Valentine. And, many viewers are happy to see that she moved on from her time with him. She seems to be keeping busy with school and work. And, doesn’t seem to be concerning herself with any new women in his life.

Lizzy Copeland told her Love After Lockup fans and followers that she was too good for him in the end. And, that its been a happy six months for her since they split. Where she goes from here will definitely be something to watch.

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