‘Love After Lockup’: Daniel Valentine Returns – New Fiance Along for the Reality TV Ride?

Love After Lockup alum Daniel Valentine is officially back for more on WEtv – but will he bring his new gal pal with him? Now, his relationship with Lizzy Copeland fizzled on the main franchise. But, he recently revealed the network wants him to film new content.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine Returns to WEtv

Recently, Daniel Valentine teased he would be on TV again soon. He said he got an “offer” for another show – including a trip to Los Angeles. But, he’s cryptic on specifics. So, it looks like it includes more episodes of Love After Lockup – or a spinoff.

WEtv brings in new cast members on the flagship franchise. But, they also bring back prior pairs like Angela and Tony. So, it makes sense that  Daniel Valentine might return in new episodes. But it begs the questions – with Daniel’s explosive end with Lizzy Copeland, who’s his scene partner on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

LALU: Will Daniel Appear with New Fiance?

It didn’t take Daniel long to find love again after calling it quits with Lizzy Copeland. Now, he seems happy with the new lady in his life, Zanna. It’s possible Daniel Valentine’s new fiance films with him for WEtv. But, Daniel didn’t say if she’s with him on the show or not. But, it’s certain, Love After Lockup watchers haven’t seen the last of Daniel.

The COVID-19 panic impacted filming and schedules for reality shows – Love After Lockup included. WEtv said a few months back that the brand new season will air this Summer. As of right now, there’s no release date for the next installment. But, we’ll let you know ahead of time, so stay tuned.

Love After Lockup Celeb Turns Things Around

Daniel Valentine really turned things around in his life since filming Love After Lockup. He’s set to marry Zanna. And, Daniel recently hit a major milestone. Daniel’s been drug-free for more than four months. And, that’s a landmark for the former addict and felon.

Daniel Valentine’s struggle with drugs and addiction was a hurdle in his life. Even during last season of Love After Lockup, viewers noted his gaunt appearance. Recently, he said he’s “thankful” for the “wonderful people” in his life that helped him through these last few months.

He also praised lady love Zanna for staying by his side and showing him a path to the future. He revealed he still deals with  “tics” and other “sh**” related to his past drug use. But, he seems to be in a much happier and healthier place now. So, keep watching to see Daniel Valentine on LALU this Summer.

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