‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzy Copeland Breaks Silence Online – Confirms Daniel Split

Love After Lockup‘s Lizzy Copeland recently confirmed her split from inmate Daniel Valentine. There have been a lot of rocky scenes for the pair this season on the WE tv show. Between butting heads with his mother and dealing with some unresolved issues with an ex, there has been a lot going on for this duo. Lizzy Copeland has been active on Twitter. And, it looks like she and Daniel Valentine are no longer a thing. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Rough Scenes for Lizzy and Daniel Valentine

In a recent episode of Love After Lockup, Daniel Valentine and Lizzy Copeland went out to a bar to meet up with her friends. Daniel’s mom didn’t want him drinking so soon out of prison. Yet, she also wanted him to make up for the 21st birthday he missed while he was locked up. This seemed like it could be a recipe for disaster. And, that certainly turned out to be the case.

It just so happened that Lizzy Copeland’s ex was at the same bar. And, this didn’t sit well with Daniel Valentine. Especially after she told him the timeline of them hooking up. In addition, Lizzy told WE tv cameras she isn’t telling him the whole truth when it comes to her ex. Daniel was ready to risk going back to prison to confront people from Lizzy Copeland’s past. But, she was adamant about not getting him mixed up in it. Meanwhile, she told WE tv cameras he doesn’t know about the people she slept with while he was behind bars.

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Love After Lockup: Lizzy Copeland Confirms Split from Daniel Valentine

Lizzy Copeland broke her silence online. The young Love After Lockup cast member took to Twitter and railed against the hate she has received from viewers. She opened up about how “hurtful this sh** is”. Some Love After Lockup watchers have given her a hard time recently. Especially after all that went down in the previous episode. In addition, she went in on the “editors” for only showing her “worst sides”. Meanwhile, she said she’s really a “decent person”.

Production splicing scenes to present a certain narrative is a common complaint among cast members. And, Lizzy is definitely the latest to echo that. She went on to say that she didn’t snitch or cheat on Daniel. And, that she’s no longer “about the drug life”. She went in on Love After Lockup followers for conspiring against her and not giving her a chance to explain.

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What Happens Now?

Lizzy Copeland also said Daniel Valentine blocked her on Twitter. So, it looks like the former couple may no longer be on speaking terms. It’s possible a stunt like this could be done to hype the show. But, it doesn’t look like they’re together anymore. It seems Lizzy is filling her time working at a gas station and going to school. She is also listening to break-up-inspired music and trying to stay busy.

Meanwhile, Daniel Valentine seems to be keeping himself busy with cars. He said he is “moving the fu** on” in a recent tweet. So, it seems to be over for both sides. Daniel’s mother was never a fan of Lizzy Copeland. So, she may be the one person happy with the fact that the pair are no longer seeing each other.

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