‘Love After Lockup’: Daniel Valentine Celebrates Huge Milestone

Love After Lockup cast member Daniel Valentine celebrated a huge milestone recently. The former felon has had a lot of ups and downs since filming his season of the WEtv show with ex-girlfriend Lizzy Copeland. But, he really turned things around since then. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup Update: Daniel Valentine Reaches a Significant Landmark

As a former felon and drug user, Love After Lockup‘s Daniel Valentine had a lot working against him when he got out of prison on the WEtv show. Many former criminals go back to their old habits and stomping grounds once they get out of lockup. And, that’s something Daniel had to pay attention to if he wanted to make changes in his life.

Meanwhile, based on his latest updates, it looks like he did just that. He recently celebrated four months sober. And, he talked about what reaching this milestone of sobriety means to him. Daniel Valentine said its been a “rough” year so far for him. But, he said he’s in a much better place now.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

LALU: Daniel’s Girlfriend Sticking with Him Through Hard Times

One of the things that helps a recovering addict is having a good support system in place. And, Daniel Valentine certainly has that. Following his public breakup with Lizzy Copeland on Love After Lockup, Daniel found a new woman. And, the pair got engaged a few months back.

Even though this path of sobriety isn’t easy on Daniel Valentine, he thanked his fiance, Zanna, for supporting him through this difficult time. And, on top of that, it looks like he sees a real future with her moving forward. So, it’s worth watching how their relationship progresses. And, whether or not they eventually walk down the aisle is something to watch, too.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

Celebrating Veterans in the Family on Memorial Day

Daniel Valentine took the time to honor his stepfather this past Memorial Day. And, he shared pics with Love After Lockup followers at his stepdad’s gravesite. In addition, he reflected on what he means to him and the impact he has on his life.

Sadly, his stepfather died 11 years ago. He was a veteran of both the marines and army. And, he served in Vietnam – among other places.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

What’s Next for Love After Lockup Star?

Despite the hardship that comes with getting clean, Daniel Valentine is on a different path in life now. And, he seems happier and healthier since making the change. On top of that, he has a strong support system around him to keep him on track.

Daniel Valentine said he still has ticks associated with his past drug use. But, he also said the human brain is a “powerful a** muscle”. And, it certainly looks like he channels that brain power to accomplish new goals now that he’s no longer dependent on drugs.

Love After Lockup celeb Daniel also said he is “thankful” for the current trajectory he is on. He hinted a few months back that he’d film for a new show. So, it’s worth watching what he does next. Especially since he kicked his bad habit to the curb.

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