‘Love After Lockup’: Daniel Valentine Announces Engagement – Lizzy Behind Him for Good?

Love After Lockup cast member Daniel Valentine recently announced his engagement to his current girlfriend (Which isn’t Lizzy Copeland). WEtv watchers saw things fall apart between Daniel and Lizzy Copeland on their season of the show. But, it seems he is well on his way to walking down the aisle with his latest lady love. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine Engaged

Daniel Valentine made a lot of changes in his life since filming his season of Love After Lockup with WEtv. Lizzy Copeland’s ex keeps himself out of trouble. In addition, he moved on with a new woman as well. And, based on the latest tea from the pair, they’re engaged.

Daniel Valentine’s fiance made the official announcement, and  she talked about ways Daniel impacts her life in a positive way. She said he is there for her “through thick and thin”. She also said she admires the way he gets up every day and continues to push forward in life.

Daniel Valentine struggled with drugs and addiction in the past. But, the Love After Lockup celeb overcame that since filming the WEtv show. There’s always a risk former felons may go back to old habits. But, it looks like Daniel really turned a corner since filming wrapped.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

LALU: Will Daniel Marry This Time Around?

Love After Lockup fans remember Daniel Valentine and ex Lizzy Copeland were ready to walk down the aisle as well. But, at the time, Daniel had other priorities. Rather than invest money in a wedding venue, he decided to buy a vehicle. And, that was the final straw in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Lizzy Copeland was ready to marry Daniel Valentine and begin their lives together. And, this included starting a family. At the time, he was fresh out of prison. And, he didn’t seem ready for that kind of commitment. But, perhaps things will be different this time around.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

What’s Next for the Love After Lockup Star?

Now that Daniel Valentine is officially engaged, it’s worth watching to see when the wedding happens. Things fell apart with Lizzy Copeland when it came to planning their wedding. But, it’s possible things will be different this time around for the Love After Lockup alum.

Daniel Valentine wasn’t ready to have kids with Lizzy Copeland. But, he steps in as a father figure to his fiance’s young son. So, maybe he needed more time to open up to the possibility of stepping into that kind of role. And, he certainly does that with his current relationship.

He said recently that he has “another [television] show” in the works as well.

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