‘Love After Lockup’: Cheryl Childers Spills on Love of Bad Boys and How She Found Josh

Love After Lockup celeb Cheryl Childers recently dished on ex-lover Josh Hyatt. The former pair went through a messy breakup online. And, Cheryl had some things to say about their relationship. What did she reveal?

Love After Lockup Update: Cheryl Childers Talks About Josh Hyatt’s Bank-Robbing Attire

Love After Lockup watchers know Josh Hyatt went to jail for robbing a bank. And, Cheryl Childers gave some details on his attire. Josh Hyatt said on Life After Lockup that the initial mask he got fogged up from his breathing. So, he had to go a different route.

Instead, Josh wore a long blonde wig with low bangs. This was in addition to a bandana covering the lower half of his face – along with a hoodie. Josh Hyatt didn’t want anyone having an accurate description of him when he came out. And, it looks like that worked – for a while.

Love After Lockup: Josh Hyatt

Cheryl on Meeting Josh & Her Fascination with Bad Boys

From the very beginning on Love After Lockup, Cheryl Childers said she liked bad boys. And, Josh Hyatt certainly fit the bill. Even when things went south for the couple, Cheryl said “even Bonnie and Clyde fought”. And, that’s how she saw their relationship.

Cheryl Childers traces her love of bad boys to Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. Specifically, she mentioned his look in the 1980’s with the big hair, makeup, leather, and attitude to match. And, it’s clear she took that bad boy image and ran with it – all the way to Josh Hyatt.

Cheryl Childers recently talked more about meeting Josh and what drew her in with the Love After Lockup felon. She found him while looking up serial killers for a report. And, she described the inmate website where she found him like a “buy and sell” platform. She said there are pictures and addresses. And, you essentially get to “see your product before you buy it”.

What’s Next for WEtv Star?

Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers got into a lot of fights on both Love After Lockup and its spinoff. As intense as their connection was when things were good, it was equally as volatile when things went south. Josh even called Cheryl a “psycho” – both on the show and online. And, as viewers see, they ultimately called it quits. Interestingly, the pair are still connected on social media.

Even though things hit the fan with Josh Hyatt and the pair went their separate ways, Cheryl Childers is okay with the decisions she made. She has “no regrets” when it comes to meeting and falling in love with the former felon.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup’s Cheryl Childers lists herself as single online. So, at least for now, it doesn’t look like she wants another relationship. But, it’s certainly worth watching if another bad boy catches her eye in the near future.

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