‘Life After Lockup’: Cheryl Childers’ Ex Makes Shocking Allegations – She Calls Him a Liar

Life After Lockup star Cheryl Childers recently refuted some shocking allegations online made by her latest ex. Cheryl has a history of toxic relationships. But, this latest incident takes things to a whole new level. What’s the latest on the recent mud-slinging?

Life After Lockup Update: Cheryl Childers’ New Man Calls Her Out Online

Cheryl Childers’ now ex-boyfriend spilled the alleged tea in a video and a series of posts online. There are screenshots of what appear to be her living conditions. And, he even alluded to her using drugs. Meanwhile, he called her out for being a bad mother. He said he would “expose” the Life After Lockup cast member. And, some of these allegations are certainly alarming.

In addition to the living conditions, Life After Lockup fans note an unidentified white substance on a dresser. Whether or not Cheryl Childers uses drugs is an ongoing topic among fans. Particularly with her weight loss since filming for WEtv. And, this latest alleged tea sparked the conversation once again.

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LALU: Cheryl Childers Calls Boyfriend a Liar – Kicks Him to the Curb?

It didn’t take long for Cheryl Childers to throw shade at her now-ex. She called him a liar online and spilled some of her own alleged tea on him. Cheryl says she called the cops and they’re looking for her former lover. She went on to say he put her children in danger. But, added they’re safe now and sleeping in their own beds.

Adding more to her story, the Life After Lockup celeb said she still has her children because everything her ex said was a “lie”. She claims he is “homeless” without a car or a job. And, some Life After Lockup viewers criticize her for the men she chooses to be in her life. Meanwhile, she said the police are looking for him. And, she told any Life After Lockup followers believing his story to leave her page.

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Life After Lockup: Cheryl Bringing Bad Men into Her Life?

Cheryl Childers has a history of dating convicts and seems to wind up in toxic relationships as a result. She said on her first season of Love After Lockup that she is fascinated by serial killers. And, she’s looking for her partner in crime. She had a very public split with Life After Lockup lover Josh Hyatt. And, it seems she may be falling into similar patterns.

Currently, there’s a lot of he said, she said floating around. And, both Cheryl and her ex appear to stick to their respective stories. He called her a “psycho”. And, that’s the exact word Josh Hyatt used to describe her when the pair broke up. Certainly, it’s worth watching to see where the pieces fall in the coming days. Along with which accusations hold weight – if any.

According to Cheryl Childers, the police are currently looking for her ex. In the meantime, it seems her children are safe. And, that’s a major concern among Life After Lockup watchers.

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