‘Love After Lockup’: Chanda Shows Off Weight Loss – Spends Time with Kids

Love After Lockup‘s Chanda showed off her dramatic weight loss recently. And, she spent some quality time with her children, too. Is Tyrice still in the picture?

Love After Lockup Update: Chanda Shows Off Slimmer Figure after Losing Weight

Love After Lockup inmate Chanda had some weight on her when she was in the clink. It was something Tyrice really liked about her prior to her release. But, since being out of prison, she dropped a significant amount of weight. And, she looks slim and trim in recent photos.

Tyrice made no secret of liking Chanda’s “booty” on Love After Lockup. But, it’s clear she lost a lot of weight since first filming for WEtv. Chanda didn’t reveal how much weight she lost. But, her physique looks much more toned all around. And, she’s all smiles in recent updates.

Love After Lockup: Chanda

Love After Lockup: WEtv Star Spends Time with Kids

Along with showing off her slimmer figure, Chanda also spends more quality time with her kids, too. She got into the Halloween spirit with her boys. And, she shared photos carving pumpkins with them. Chanda’s kids are not a major focus in her storyline with Tyrice. So, a lot of Love After Lockup fans aren’t aware that she’s a mother.

Some Love After Lockup watchers asked if her boys are twins. Chanda said they’re not twins. But, the boys are close in age. Chanda said her sons are 10 and 11. And, after being behind bars, the former inmate seems happy to spend time with them again.

Love After Lockup: Chanda

Are Tyrice and Chanda Still Together?

Love After Lockup followers have a lot of questions for Chanda based on her recent updates. And, many viewers wonder if she is still with Tyrice. Chanda said in recent episodes that she talked to five or six other guys when she was locked up. So, whether or not she used Tyrice to get ahead is a regular topic among fans.

As soon as Tyrice told his children about Chanda, they thought she was scamming their father. And, a lot of viewers think something similar. She updates her followers with pics of herself, her children, and inspirational quotes. But, Love After Lockup boyfriend, Tyrice, is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, with everything going on in current Love After Lockup episodes for the pair, many followers think they split. Chanda doesn’t answer Tyrice’s calls in recent episodes. And, he worries that she took advantage of him and ditched him now that she’s out.

Tyrice said in recent episodes that he hasn’t talked to her since the day she got out. And, he said its been two months since they had a conversation. He still believes they have a “connection” even after not hearing from Chanda. But, his children maintain that she scammed him and used him to get on her feet.

Whether or not the pair are still together, it’s clear she focuses on herself and her children since coming out of the clink. And, many viewers are happy to see the progress she made since.

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