‘Love After Lockup’: Tyrice Prepares for Chanda’s Release – Is She Scamming Him?

Love After Lockup spoilers show inmate Chanda is ready for her release. And, Tyrice prepares to meet the love of his life on the WEtv show. But, is she scamming him? With Chanda about to be free, whether or not they make their relationship work on the outside is a huge unknown for the pair.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Tyrice a Catch?

With WEtv kicking off the all-new season of Love After Lockup, watchers meet the couples in the fresh episodes. And, one of those couples in upcoming content is Chanda and civilian boyfriend, Tyrice. Spoilers show Tyrice as he prepares to pick up his other half from prison.

Tyrice is a very confident individual in Love After Lockup spoilers. The 49-year-old engineer calls himself a “hot commodity” in teasers. And, he comes across as a go-getter that doesn’t put up with any nonsense. He seems to know what he wants. And, he goes after it. Meanwhile, in this case, that’s Chanda.

Love After Lockup: Tyrice - Chanda

Tyrice Fell for Country Girl Chanda

Turns out, Tyrice fell hard for Chanda. She is a country girl doing time behind bars for selling drugs. Even so, despite her criminal history, Tyrice says in Love After Lockup spoilers that she seems “very sincere”. And, it’s clear he definitely buys in to what she has to offer.

Tyrice adds that being with her feels “right” and “special”. In his mind, their union is “meant to be”. But, how that pans out once reality sets in is worth watching. As Love After Lockup viewers see, things can change between couples once the former felon is on the outside. And, it can be very difficult to keep a relationship going once things change on such a drastic level.

Love After Lockup: Chanda Scamming Her Engineer Boyfriend?

Whether or not Chanda tries to pull a fast one on Tyrice is a question those around him ask in Love After Lockup spoilers. Those in his circle think Chanda uses him to get ahead once she’s out of the clink. And, even though he genuinely believes he and Chanda will be together, that’s definitely a concern leading up to her release.

Things like the Love After Lockup couple’s age difference definitely casts doubt on the authenticity of their relationship. There’s more than 20 years between 28-year-old Chanda and 49-year-old Tyrice. And, many viewers see that as an early red flag. Because he is a successful engineer, that easily makes him a target for an inmate fresh out of prison.

Meanwhile, Tyrice says Chanda didn’t have a strong support system growing up. And, despite objections from those around him, it looks like he’s more than ready to step in and be that support she needs. Certainly, that could backfire in his face if things hit the fan. But, at least early on, he is convinced things will work out between them.

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