‘Love After Lockup’: Tyrice Wants to Save Chanda’s Booty – Will They Last?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Tyrice wants to step in and be a support system for Chanda. The 49-year-old engineer is smitten with his 28-year-old girlfriend. But, those close to him wonder if his choices with her will backfire on him. What else do teasers reveal?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Tyrice Fell for Country Girl Chanda

Love After Lockup spoilers show Tyrice fell head over heels for inmate partner, Chanda. He doesn’t hide the fact that he loves her “booty”. But, he also wants to be a stable support system in her life. Because, he says it’s something she never had. Tyrice says in teasers that most women think he is a “womanizer” and a “player”. But, he says that’s not at all the case.

Chanda does time on Love After Lockup for selling drugs. But, even so, Tyrice believes things will turn around once she’s on the outside with him. Tyrice says he’s a very “romantic guy”. He adds in teasers that he loves to “cuddle”. And, he wants “true love”. So, it’s clear he wants that with Chanda when she gets out.

Love After Lockup: Chanda - Tyrice

Things in Common with Another WEtv Couple

Even though Love After Lockup introduces Chanda and Tyrice to viewers, the new pair remind some fans of an OG WEtv pair. Tyrice and inmate girlfriend Chanda have a lot in common with Marcelino Santiago and spouse Brittany Dodd Santiago.

Like Marcelino did for Brittany, Tyrice wants to be a safe place for Chanda to come home to. He says in Love After Lockup teaser clips that he is “financially stable” as an engineer. And, he seems more than willing to step in and be a rock for his felon girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup clips show he drops a lot of money on clothes and other things he believes she needs when she gets out. So, it’s clear he’s already fully invested in their relationship – both emotionally and financially.

Will Love After Lockup Pair Tyrice and Chanda Make It?

A big question for every Love After Lockup duo is whether or not they make their relationship last long-term. And, even though Marcelino and wife Brittany Santiago went through rough patches, they certainly found a way to make their relationship last.

Many Love After Lockup followers wonder if Chanda and engineer Tyrice follow in their footsteps. They’ve got a huge age gap of more than 20 years. And, even though that can be a red flag for some, this could end up working out for them in the long run. Tyrice is successful in life. And, he could provide Chanda with stability and structure coming out of the clink.

Meanwhile, even though Tyrice is smitten with his Love After Lockup girlfriend, he keeps his eyes open when it comes to her issues. Even though he spends a lot of money on her, he’s convinced he’s not the type of person to let anyone use him. But, whether or not Chanda does that once she gets out is still an unknown for the pair leading up to her release.

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