‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany and Lamar Talk Getting Busy in Prison

Love After Lockup cast members Brittany Dodd Santiago and Lamar Jackson dish on sex in prison. Some felons are behind bars a long time. And, that means a long time to think about getting busy. For some, their stint in the clink is without any action between the sheets. But, others find ways to satisfy those urges. What do LALU celebs reveal?

Love After Lockup: Finding Love in Lockdown

Love After Lockup celebs like Brittany Dodd Santiago find creative ways to get busy while in jail. Some resort to same-sex relationships. And, others like Lamar Jackson find time with Andrea Edwards in broom closets. Still, others remain celibate during their time behind bars.

As watchers see on Love After Lockup, a lot of felons have boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses on the outside. So, even if they may not always get the physical attention they need, they at least have the emotional support from their partners via phone calls and visits.

Love After Lockup felons eagerly get busy once they’re free. As viewers remember, Caitlin Gainer and Matt Fraser did the deed in the woods when he got out. And, Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers also got busy outdoors. So, that’s definitely high on the list for most inmates. Then there’s Tony… who wanted a steak dinner instead of getting something from Angela.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago - Marcelino Santiago

LALU: Brittany Dodd Santiago’s Lady Love in Lockup

Lamar Jackson says he thought about sex “all the time” while behind bars. Meanwhile, Shane Whitlow adds that he thought about it “every five minutes” in Love After Lockup: True Confessions teasers. On top of that, even Tony says it’s something he thought about “every single day”.

While some Love After Lockup alums went without, Brittany Dodd Santiago found ways to take care of those needs while in prison. WEtv watchers know Brittany dated women in the past. And, it was a major issue when Brittany first got together with husband Marcelino Santiago.

Marcelino didn’t want his wife with anyone else. And, that caused friction between him and her ex-girlfriend, Amanda. Meanwhile, there was even more drama when Brittany Dodd Santiago spent time with Amanda behind Marcelino’s back on the first season of the WEtv show.

Brittany Dodd Santiago says in Love After Lockup: True Confessions spoilers that she dated a lot of women on the inside for this reason. Brittany says the arrangement was a “win-win” for her. Especially since she thought about getting busy “all the time”.

Meanwhile, even though Brittany Dodd Santiago is married with Marcelino Santiago, she definitely still finds women attractive. Even so, it doesn’t look like she plans to stray anytime soon.

Two-Part Special from WEtv

Love After Lockup fans don’t have to wait long for the new season. The all-new episodes premiere on Friday, July 17. Meanwhile, WEtv has watchers covered between now and then. Because, there are two specials coming to fill that gap.

In addition to LALU personalities like Lamar Jackson reacting to other stars, there are a lot of candid, funny moments to look forward to. And, while fans wait on a fresh crop of celebs, WEtv brings back fan-favorites for a behind the scenes look. True Confessions sneak peeks show Lamar and others dishing dirt in the upcoming specials. So, it’s definitely a must-watch for fans.

Watch the first of a two-part special, True Confessions, this Friday only on WEtv.

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