‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff Shares Pumpkin Season Preparation

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff canceled some of his book tour sessions so he could help with Pumpkin Season preparations. It’s a busy time down on Roloff farms and preparing for it takes time. For any farmer, harvest time is frantic. Pickers, stackers, packers, quality, grading and health and safety all pile up and need attending to. But for the Roloff’s much more must be done.

Pumpkin Season on Roloff Farms

Fans of Little people, Big World congregate at the farms in October. Fridays through the weekend the crowds swell the festivities. Roloff Farms announced that this year the Pumpkin season runs from October 5 through to October 28. That’s still a whole month away, but the family are already planning and preparing for all their visitors.  Matt shared some of the preparations going on at the moment.

Car parking for visitors is in the process of being neatly laid out, lined up with stakes. Matt’s short Instagram Story video showed the huge area set aside to accommodate all the cars. In the photo below, you can see the stakes already pegged out.

Little People Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations Car Park
Little People Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations Car Park – Matt Roloff | Instagram

Lucy out and about with ‘Little People, Big World’ and Matt Roloff

Of course, in Matt Roloff’s busy pre-season days, he has a helping hand. Where else would little Lucy be, if not checking out the quality of the car parking arrangements? In the photo below, you can see Lucy is very interested in what’s going on. Additionally, this year will be special for her as she’s famous after Matt wrote his book about her. Visitors to the Pumpkin Season will hope to spot the little dog riding the mule with Matt.

Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations Lucy
Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations Lucy – Matt Roloff | Instagram

Before heading over to the car park area, Matt and Lucy went over to the shed to start sorting out things like pallets. Near the barn, Matt posted up some pictures of the area. However, he struggled a bit with some heavy lifting and didn’t manage to do what he was trying to do. Instead, he took the time to show fans a little bit of the inside story of the farm.

Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations 2
Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations 2 – Matt Roloff | Instagram

In this photo below, Matt shared some general scenery. By the time the Pumpkin Season guests arrive, the whole place will look rather different. But for the Roloff’s these are everyday scenes.

Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations 1
Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season Preparations – Matt Roloff | Instagram

Plenty of pumpkins on Roloff farms

Lots of fun things happen for guests on the farm during the Pumpkin Season. Obviously, plenty of pumpkins get the attention of those who want to select their own. The gift shop stocks tee-shirts and pumpkin salsa and many traditional American activities take place. Never been on a hayride? This is your chance. If you don’t see little Lucy, you can pick up the book that Matt wrote which made her famous. Don’t forget to take your camera as there’s a petting zoo, wagon rides, stagecoaches and even a Walk on the Wild Side.

Next month, if you manage to get to Pumpkin Season, it’s likely to be a lot of fun. In the meantime, for Matt, Amy, Zach and the rest of the family, there’s a lot of work ahead. The Little People, Big World stars set the bar high, so expect everything to be done and dusted in time.

The directions to the farm once Pumpkin Season starts is up on the Roloff farms website. According to their instructions, “from Portland take Hwy 26 west to Exit 61 (Shute/Helvetia Rd). Turn right (north) onto Helvetia Rd at the exit. Continue for approx 3 miles and follow the signs to Roloff Farms.”

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