‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff’s Unflattering Maui Vacation Photo Of Caryn – Cold Nights Ahead?

LPBW fans love how happy Matt Roloff looks these days with Caryn Chandler. Actually, even those who grew angry about his divorce from Amy admit things look well for them. Following a frantic Pumpkin Season down on Roloff farms and a flurry of book signings, Caryn and Matt headed for some R&R in Maui. However, when Matt Roloff posted up on his Instagram about it, he may have landed himself in hot water. Unfortunately, the photo of Caryn Chandler didn’t show her at her best. After the hot water treatment, he may get handed some cold nights ahead.

LPBW Pumpkin Season’s over – it’s R&R time

With the Pumpkin Season over, vacation R&R beckons the stars of TLC’s Little People, Big World. So many fans and followers of LPBW wish they too could head for wonderful Maui. But some of them noted things might not go “swimmingly” for Matt. They responded to Matt’s unflattering pic of Caryn Chandler, warning him to expect some “cold nights ahead.” The photo showed them sitting in a plane, by the looks of it. Matt’s wearing headphones and Caryn’s sleeping. He captioned it with, “Thank you all the veterans past and present and keep us safe and sound. We honor and salute you! Thanks for your service. Now off for a little post pumpkin season R&R. In a warm sunny climate. Maui here we come..”

Matt Roloff, as usual, has that cheeky grin fans love so much, and poor Caryn Chandler’s just asleep. And let’s face it, all women know they don’t look their best asleep. Well, at least not sitting upright with a crooked neck, anyway. Fans wished the LPBW couple a fun time, but others thought that might be some time coming after the unflattering photo.

Cold nights ahead for Matt Roloff?

Matt Roloff tends to joke quite a lot and often smiles. He looks like a bit of a tease and maybe he won’t be in hot water and spending cold nights alone. Caryn Chandler, after all, is a level-headed and practical person and may take it as a tease. However, fans of LPBW rate is his chances low. here’s what some of them said about it:

  • @pjnabozny: “Oh man your going to be in deep ? when she sees this.”
  • @staceyl1969: “Omg Matt she is going get u back for that photo ??.”
  • @dawnclift: “Ohhhhhh, Matt, you’re fixing to get a tongue lashing for posting a sleeping pic ?.”
  • @themrsbishop: “@mattroloff Gonna be some cold nights in your future ??.”

Obviously, hundreds of people expressed similar feelings and predicted trouble for Mat.

Will Caryn Chandler be angry about the photo?

While loads of followers predicted Matt’s in the dog box, another comment seems to put it all in perspective. @judysaverino posted up that there’s nothing wrong with the photo. They noted that Caryn Chandler’s “definitely not the kind of person who would get really upset about little things anyway.” What do think? Is Matt Roloff in the dog box, landed in hot water, and about to experience some cold nights ahead?

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