‘Little People Big World’ – Matt, Dog Lucy & Baby J Photobomb Tourist on Roloff Farm

Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff, Baby Jackson, and new dog Lucy gets viewer from the around the world. From Russia to Australia and South Africa, the stars find followers. One lucky Australian couple went on a farm tour with Zach. When Matt Roloff arrived, Jackson quickly scrambled up onto the rig, making for a perfect photo opportunity for the visitors from down under.

Matt Roloff’s Dog Lucy joins the souvenir photo with Baby Jackson

Matt Roloff shared the photo of their guests and it’s so adorable because little Jackson’s sitting perched on his grandpa’s lap. He’s pretending to drive the rig around the pumpkin farm. The Australian tourists got a big bonus by the looks of it, meeting not only Little People, Big World’s Zach and Matt but Baby J as well. It looked like nice, cool day down on the farm, with misty trees in the background. Baby J dressed in the same jeans as Matt and a long-sleeved jacket.

It’s another lovely photo of the LP, BW family. Matt Roloff captioned it with, “Zach was doing a tour of the farm today for these folks from Australia— look who made a guest appearance and wanted to take over the wheel.” He was talking about baby J, of course. But what stole the show was dog Lucy. Over on Facebook, lots of fans were taken by the petite pooch who seemed intent on getting her nose in the frame. One fan (@Gisele Bisson), noted that “Li’l Lucy was “photobombing!” She added, “She’s a star now, also, ya know.” 

Little People, Big World Matt Roloff, Jackson, Lucy and guests
Little People, Big World Matt Roloff, Jackson, Lucy, and guests | Matt Roloff Facebook

Lucy photobombs the Little People, Big World photo

Lucy’s seldom far away from Matt Roloff, so it’s no surprise that she’s up on the rig. But the Little People, Big World dog face is just too cute! Sneaking into the photo really made the day of so many Little People, Big World fans. Of course, if the Australian guests got to keep a copy of the shot, they can proudly show off a picture with three little people in it. Dog Lucy is no giant monster after all!

Obviously, most fans on Facebook commented how baby Jackson and his grandpa get along so well. It seems when Matt’s around, Baby J’s not far away. The little fellow seldom misses an opportunity to play at being the rig driver. But many fans spotted Lucy’s cute little face and felt it made the picture even better. It’s almost impossible for Jackson and Matt to look any cuter together, but Lucy managed it!

Dog Lucy’s a star in her own right with Matt’s book

Facebook commenter @Gisele Bisson, was correct in saying that dog Lucy is a star now. Matt’s book Little Lucy, Big Race is fast becoming a popular collector’s item. Amazon.com point out that Matt helped to bring his story to life with Lucy, the Roloff dog. Lucy is also becoming something of a fan favorite by the looks of it. “Great pic. I see sweet little Lucy peeking out,” said commenter Gayle Parsons Hendrix.

Meanwhile, others noted that Lucy wanted to be a part of the fun by being in the photo. Heres other things fans were saying about Lucy in the picture. “Aww, even little Lucy is on board.” And, “Beautiful Picture! Baby so adorable and I see Lucy ‘s little face so Cute!!! God Bless.” Then there was this comment, “Nice pic Jackson is adorable and love the way Lucy made sure she got in the pic, too cute.”

What do you think of Lucy looking like she’s stealing the show in the photo Matt Roloff posted up on his facebook? Was it really a photobomb, or do you think it just adds to all the beauty of this close family? Stay up to date with news and cute photos from Little People, Big World by checking in often with Soap Dirt.