‘Little People, Big World’: Baby J Climbs Matt Roloff’s Rig – Little Farm Manager

Little People, Big World star, Matt Roloff, is such a happy grandpa. On Instagram, he posted the cutest photo of Baby J climbing right up on his rig.  Zach and Tori’s little boy looks all set to become the next farm manager in the family. Fans of LP, BW shared their love for Matt, Zach and Baby J.  Matt wrote how he pulled up to chat with Zach and the next thing his grandson was up on the seat.

Matt Roloff’s grandson even dresses like his grandpa

In the photo that Matt Roloff posted, fans noticed that the cute little fellow even dresses like his grandpa, patriarch of Little People, Big World. Actually, this is true, as both of them looked casual in jeans and tee-shirts. Baby J is standing up on the seat, hanging onto Matt for support and they look like peas in a pod. Fans of the show loved the idea of Matt finding a farmer in Baby J. Jackson looks right at home on the rig.

Matt captioned the photo with, “Pulled up to say hi to Zach and look who crawled right up to take over my rig. Little fella is getting ahead of himself. I think we found our future farm Manager.” Then, in reply to fan comments, he added, “Little guys trying to push me out of a job already.. and boy am I happy.”

Matt Roloff and Baby J inspire Little People, Big World fans

Fans react so positively to Matt as he interacts with his grandson. Jackson is cute and it’s clear that Matt adores him. There’s a radiance about him when he’s with the little fella. Matt experienced so much adversity in his life that it’s nice to know he is happy. He spent nearly two years in hospitals as a child and faced serious neck surgery in 2016. Fans of the LP, BW reality TV show admire him and are inspired by his efforts to stay active on the farm.

Some of the comments included this one by jmcallister95, who wrote “@mattroloff The farm will be in good hands from one generation to the next. I think you are a great dad and grandpa!! Thanks for sharing your family.” Meanwhile, sonyah1961 posted up, “He loves his Grandpa. Who can’t help but love you matt. God bless you and your family. Beautiful grandbabies.”

Baby J the future manager is a fan favorite

Baby J Roloff is certainly a fan favorite. Fans seem to adore him almost as much as Matt does. Lots of Little People, Big World fans commented how much they hope that Matt never sells the farms. @randombitsnpieces expressed how it was such a cute picture. They “pray that the future of the farm will become so much more than just managing it, but also enjoying it to the full…days where you kick back and relax and savor one another.”

One of the best comments was about adversity and love. It read, “I have watched you from afar and have realized how you have risen from adversity and show so many people the strength that does take to go through many things.” Matt, Zach, and now Baby J took to farm life and through thick or thin, good and bad times, they seem to be loving the lifestyle. Actually, it would be wonderful to see the TV show carry on and on. So much happiness spreads through the big world via the little people sharing their lives with them. Remember to check back with Soap Dirt often for more news about Little People, Big World.