‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff’s New Property – Landfill Mission

LPBW fans saw a video that Matt Roloff posted up about his new property near Roloff Farms and it looks like a landfill. Nevertheless, Matt’s determined to make it nice. Actually, he mentioned that the original Roloff Farm looked very much like his new place, 30 years ago.  When he first started working on cleaning up the place, he mentioned that he bought in it November. Back then, they took out some trees for Zach and Jeremy Roloff’s winter wood, and now they started the garbage cleanup.

‘LPBW’ viewers admire Matt Roloff’s determination and hard work

Fans of LPBW know that the patriarch of the TLC show loves working hard on his projects. In fact, without an ambitious project, he seems a little lost. This new property looks to give him plenty of hard work in days to come. But then, Matt’s not shy of hard work. He captioned the video, writing, “Nothing feels better then (sic) taking an old piece of property that’s been mistreated for 40 years and turning it into a Gem. Gonna take some work but I’m determined.”

In his video which he narrated, he told Little People, Big World followers the garbage just “keeps coming and coming and coming.” Actually, there’s a huge pile of plastics and other junk. In fact, using machinery, they scrape down and lift the weeds and soil and out emerges litter. As Matt Roloff explained, it’s like 40 years of not having proper trash collection. It seems the people just buried the trash.

Landfill mission means carting off a lot of trash

Some LPBW social media followers asked Matt if he intended to just dig a big hole for the trash and hoped he wouldn’t. However, in his video, he explained that it belongs in a “proper landfill.” He also said, he wants to “make it spick and span out here.”

LPBW followers offered their comments and encouragement to Matt. here’s what some of them had to say:

  • @healthy_weight_loss_by_rhonda: “Great project for you. You’re such a hard worker. I know the place will great once you’re done.”
  • @lmill219: “After you are done with it Matt the property will look beautiful.”
  • @so_bermudaful: “If anyone can do it, you can!”
  • @the_thankful_traveler: “…always a class act @mattroloff —- you set the bar high.”

Matt Roloff reacts to comments about his ‘Little People, Big World’ life

Matt often replies to fans who follow him on Instagram. He replied this time as well, assuring one person that it’s a different property from the Roloff Farm. Lots of people who follow LPBW admire Matt’s energy, positivity, and determination. Unlikely though you think it might be, one follower even said they wish they could have his life. Matt responded very kindly to that, writing, “Your comment means a lot to me. As you know being born with dwarfism hasn’t always been an easy path… but to have someone say they wish they had my life… is powerful and positive. Blessings to you!! #Love.”

What do you think about the trash on Matt Roloff’s new property that makes it look like a landfill? Are you thinking his determination to make it nice will transform the place?

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