‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff On Uplifting Social Media Posts – Exclusive Interview

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff, recently spoke to Soap Dirt in an exclusive interview about his book – Little Lucy, Big Race. In fact, while he chatted, he also spoke about his thoughts on social media, responsibility, and uplifting people.

Little People, Big World – Matt Roloff on social media

Soap Dirt: Matt, young parents love your posts. Therefore, do you feel that you have some responsibility to take care of how you caption them?

Matt Roloff: Yeah, I do feel some responsibility. In fact, that’s a really good question when you impact a lot of people.  People use their social media platforms for one purpose or another. I try to do what I think our show [Little People, Big World] sets out to do, which is to try and inspire people.

I think that my whole family always projected that we’re not perfect in any way. We don’t claim to be, but we do try to live the best life that we can.

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Little People, Big World: Matt mentions his videos & photos of baby J and Ember

MR: I hope there’s a lot of grandparents who see my social media posts. I’m certainly enjoying this chapter in my life as a grandparent. In fact, I’m enjoying my grandkids immensely right now and I get to see Zach and Tori multiple times every day.

My problem every day is which of my many videos and photos to post out there. Actually, I get so much time with both Ember and Jackson and the family. Sometimes, I look at my library at night – my library of photos and videos. I enjoy them all for myself.

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‘LP, BW’ Matt Roloff explains how he selects photos to share on social media

MR: If I don’t have a message to say that I think will cheer people up, or put a smile on their faces – make them feel warm and fuzzy – then I’ll keep it for my own enjoyment. I do feel a responsibility to put out positive emotions.

Thanks to Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World for kindly sharing these thoughts with us. Actually, we can’t wait to talk to him again and find out what’s next for him and his family. What do you think about Matt’s message that he likes to post inspiring messages on social media? Perhaps, in a world with a lot of selfishness, haters, and trolls, you find that uplifting and refreshing?

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