‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Builds New Home Near Roloff Farms

LPBW fans often wondered if Matt Roloff would leave Roloff Farms now that he lives with Caryn Chandler. Late December 6,  he took to his Instagram to post up a video showing the site of a new home that he’s building. He said in the video that it’s not far from his farm.

LPBW: Matt Roloff purchased the land in November

Matt Roloff told Little People, Big World fans that the three existing “teardown” homes need to come out. Those homes look old and a bit sad. In their place, he’s going to erect a new home. Meanwhile, lots of trees on the property go towards Jeremy and Zach’s winter wood supply. Matt said that the property he purchased back in November needs a “pretty significant cleanup.”

The property is one acre and stretches quite some distance. Matt Roloff said he made the video from the seat of the track hoe, doing some work clearing trees and other stuff off the property. The big question for fans of LPBW, of course, is whether this new home ends up being the place where he and Caryn Chandler settle down.

The new home is an exciting project

Matt told LPBW followers in the caption on his video, that Matt wouldn’t be Matt if he didn’t work on a new big and “exciting project.” He recently returned from a vacation and already, he looks busy. It certainly looks like he’s happy as anything. He loves being busy and his projects always interest followers of the TLC show.

Fans of Little People, Big World show know Matt fairly well. Many of them watched him grow from a father of young kids into the doting grandfather that he is today. Because they see him so often on the screen, perhaps a lot may be taken from the way Matt ended his video. He said, “I’m probably going to build a new home…not far from the farm. So there you go!” The way Matt said that, certainly indicates he is in total LPBW teaser mode.

Will Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff live in the new home?

Matt Roloff sometimes teases his Little People, Big World followers and this time, he never went as far as saying he and Caryn will live there. However, the fact that it’s close to the farm means the location’s ideal. He could still work on the farm and see the grandchildren. Perhaps the couple feels the need to stay close to the family but make a new life close by? If and when they marry, Caryn and Matt certainly would need some space to start their new lives.

What do you think of Matt Roloff building a new home? Do you think he and Caryn will move into it? Check in with Soap Dirt often to stay in touch with news about LPBW.