‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff on ‘Little Lucy, Big Race’ – Exclusive Interview

Little People, Big World patriarch and book writer, Matt Roloff, has a deep love for children and is very excited about his books. Matt gave Soap Dirt an exclusive interview about his current book – Little Lucy, Big Race. He kindly chatted with us on his thoughts about his book writing.

Little People, Big World – Questions for Matt Roloff on ‘Little Lucy, Big Race’

Soap Dirt: Matt, when you had your original inspiration for Little Lucy, Big Race, you were in hospital. That was a beautiful backstory. Are you planning another book?

Matt Roloff: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I’m in the throes of it right now. I’ve got another one on the table and I’m actually looking forward to this flight to Atlanta. I can make some advances on it as I get some quiet time on the flight. Yes, I’m in the middle of writing a second book and I’m not quite ready to reveal the title yet. I’m still playing with it, but it will be a continuation of Lucy’s story on the farm. But I’ll also have a strong message for kids to help inspire them to be all they can be.

Soap Dirt: You’re aiming at young children to secure a place in their world. Do you see this message as a new long-term direction in your life?

MR: Yes. Children are very impressionable and they make decisions early in life. You can open children’s minds in a positive way. Obviously, reading and inspiring them and with the visuals that we have in the “Lucy” book brings back a time, a bit of nostalgia for the parents and grandparents.

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An important story by Matt – Little People, Big World

MR: They’ll have a story that’s important and it’s definitely a parallel in my life – being the underdog so to speak. Still believing, having hope and faith that you can be something and going about the hard work of executing that dream regardless of your circumstances, is the focus of the Lucy book. The most important message for kids in my mind is resilience.

Matt Roloff on stories for his grandchildren

SD: Have you written any stories for books for your own grandchildren?

MR: No, I’ve not particularly written anything. I feel like I wrote the “Lucy” book really largely with Jackson in mind. I conceived the book during a time when I knew Tori was pregnant and we knew Jackson was going to be a little person.

As you mentioned, I was in the hospital at the time and struggled with my own feelings – Am I going to be able to move again? I saw young children in the hospital struggling with a sense of hope and I felt a responsibility to project a positive future.

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Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff on promoting ‘Little Lucy, Big Race’

SD: You’re promoting your book right now, doing some readings. Are you planning any more once the Pumpkin Season’s over?

MR: Absolutely. You know I’ve been really taken aback by the fun the book readings are for me personally. I put aside a lot of my vacation time to do this. Later, after Pumpkin Season, I really want to gear into doing more of this. I just love taking that book into the stores and meeting the kids. I would love to get to all fifty states. I’m going to do as many of those as I can.

Thanks to Matt Roloff for sharing these thoughts with us. We can’t wait to talk to him again and find out what’s next for him, his family, and Little People, Big World.

Where to meet Matt Roloff and get a signed copy of his book

Matt will be holding a meet and greet on October 10th, 2018 at 4:00pm at:

Barnes and Noble Bookstore at The Avenue at West Cobb
3625 Dallas Highway
Marietta, GA 30064
(770) 424-0511

If you can’t stop by you can get a copy directly from Matt’s website, on Amazon, or at major bookstores.

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