‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Heads For Atlanta Mid-Pumpkin Season

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff gave fans a surprise announcement on Instagram. He posted up a photo of the new Pirate Ship, saying he’s been called to a photo shoot in Atlanta, mid-pumpkin season. That’s a hard time for him to be away from the frantic activity, but he plans to combine it with something else that will please his fans in Georgia.

‘Little People, Big World’ fan opportunity for a book signing

While those heading off to the Pumpkin Season down on Roloff Farms hope not to miss him there, others have an opportunity. This is because Matt said that while he’s in Georgia he will do a meet, greet, read session for his Little Lucy Big Race book. According to Matt Roloff, fans can catch the Little People, Big World patriarch at “Barnes ‘n Noble… in… Atlanta. Oct 10th. 4-6:30 pm Dallas hwy Marietta — The Avenue West Cobb.” But he did stress that the store bookies copies are limited, so those people who want one should call ahead and book.

Pumpkin Season starts Friday, October 5 and is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If Matt is in Georgia on October 10, then he should be back for fans to catch a glimpse of him by the second weekend of the season.  Matt wrote, “oh and I’ll be back to Oregon in time to show off our almost complete Pirate Ship!” Matt seems super-excited about the photo shoot and the book reading opportunity, even though the trip came out the blue and was totally unexpected.

Matt Roloff popular for book readings

Some Little People, Big World fans who live in Atlanta and near Marietta misread the post. They thought he meant he was already there or had been already, but Matt reassured them. He actually came back on his post to clarify. “Just to be clear. I’m Not in Atlanta yet. I will be on October 10th. Mark your calendar if you live near Marietta.” Appreciate fans in Atlanta, expressed their joy for the opportunity.

@janetrahe greeted Matt with, “Welcome to Atlanta Matt.” Meanwhile, @def_30044 noted they “live in Atlanta! I hope I can make it!” lilivoryangel72 lives a bit far away, noting that they are about “an hour and a 1/2 south of there. I wish I could make it! I’ve watched since [t]he first season and really enjoy the show.” While those people in Atlanta celebrate the unexpected windfall, others commented on the Pirate Ship.

Pumpkin Season Pirate Ship

Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff noted in the post the Pirate Ship still needs a bit of work. However, most fans thought it looked fantastic. Joking, one commenter wrote that Amy’s probably unhappy with that. But mostly, the comments sounded all good. So many people can’t wait for the season to start.

What do you think about Matt Roloff heading off to Atlanta for his book reading? If you’re there will you take the kids and head on down to the store? Are you going to the Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season next weekend?

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