‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff Misses Caryn At Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff responded to a video Caryn Chandler posted up on Instagram. Pumpkin Season started on Roloff Farms yesterday (October 5), and she isn’t part if it. In the video, which shows Matt driving around on the opening day of the annual activities, Caryn said she’s not working this year.

‘Little People, Big World’ – Opening day Pumpkin Season

The opening day of Pumpkin Season down on Roloff Farms sounded like a sad day for Caryn. Her video showed Matt Roloff driving her around. Matt’s all excited and smiling, while Caryn films and talks. Very clearly, Caryn said the weather was “kinda dreary, but it’s still beautiful. I am not actually working here this year.” Matt interjected and said, “that’s sad.” Caryn then continued, saying that the weather will clear and that she would “love” to see a “full house.”

Some Little People, Big World fans asked why she was not working there this year. Obviously, some noted that everyone knew it was because of the divorce. Last year, we saw how awkward things were between Amy and Caryn, so maybe Amy put her foot down. Or, possibly Caryn decided it just wasn’t worth the grief. After her post went up, Matt Roloff replied to her in the comments and wrote, “We missed you out there Caryn. You built a great infrastructure over the past 10 years. Thanks for leaving us such an amazing operation!”

Fans react to the news Caryn Chandler isn’t working the ‘LP, BW’pumpkin season

Many Little People, Big World followers reacted to the post. Those who’d been in previous years and met her were saddened at the news. Some hating on Amy came out as well, but, as lilivoryangel72, sensibly pointed out, “it would be incredibly awkward for both of them. I like Caryn, from what I know from the show, and I’m glad to see Matt Roloff happy though.” She added that she likes Amy and wished her “the best too.” She continued, writing, “I don’t think any one person is usually to blame. Sometimes marriage doesn’t work out and we only get to see what TLC chooses for us to see.”

Caryn didn’t reply to the questions about why she wasn’t working this year. Obviously, any answer she gave could have caused an argument. There’s seldom haters on the LP, BW Instagram accounts – except when Amy’s mentioned. It seems that most of the fans of the reality TV show have an opinion on Amy and Matt Roloff splitting.

Fans love that Matt Roloff’s happy with Caryn Chandler

Many fans love the way Matt seems so happy these days. Actually, he smiles and laughs a lot more than we saw in previous seasons.  Even Amy seems happy with her new man, so hopefully, Caryn’s not working just because of a bad feeling. As noted by regina_romero_s, Caryn did a great job with the farm: “Everything you’ve done on that farm nobody can erase it. You are very sweet and since you are with @mattroloff he looks happy. they make a nice couple???.”

What do you think about Caryn Chandler not working at the Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season event? Do you think it’s because of tensions between Matt Roloff and Amy? Could it be Caryn’s choice, or did Amy put her foot down? Stay in touch with news about Little people, Big World by checking in with Soap Dirt often.