‘Little People, Big World’ Audrey Roloff Updates Baby Ember’s Milestones

Little People, Big World stars like Audrey Roloff and Tori Roloff often update their fans on Instagram. Thursday evening, August 23, Audrey reached out to her fans and followers with the latest updates on milestones for baby Ember Roloff. Her little girl, born September 10 last year, is now 11-months old and what a pretty little one she is. In her post, Audrey Roloff went to a lot of effort to create an attractive and interesting set of information.

Pretty ‘Little People, Big World’ girl in red – Baby Ember Roloff

Ember in red is such a pretty little girl! Audrey Roloff dressed her baby Ember in a red outfit and placed a red bow in her hair. Bright as a button, she’s against the backdrop of a clock to highlight the fact that she’s just 11-months old.

She’s a real little charmer, and the first photo shows her giving what looks like a smooch. In the second photo, the Little People, Big World baby looks like she’s having a good old belly-laugh. The third image shows her apparently clapping her hands together.

Audrey Roloff updates Little People, Big World fans

Audrey Roloff noted that Ember reached the wanting-to-walk stage, and cousin Baby J inspired her efforts. “She is especially inspired by her cousin Jackson! She took her first steps after watching him walk all over the place!! Girlsie is just tryin to keep up with her bud?.” Baby J is all over the place and as they two cousins are good friends already, Ember will surely catch him up. No doubt the pair will scamper around together as they gain more mobility.

How many teeth has ‘LP, BW’s baby Ember Roloff got?

Audrey told her followers that the littlest LP, BW star already popped eight teeth. Plus, there’s another two “coming in hot.” All parents know the difficulties that come with teething, but for the most part, Ember looks happy. Photo number four – not sot so happy. But three out of four smiley shots isn’t bad for a little girl going through teething.

Moving on from teething, here’s another snippet you may not know about Ember. Audrey noted that just like her cousin Baby J, she loves dogs. She also has a thing for chicken, loves to point, “doing the face,” and kissing. If you don’t know what “doing the face” means, Audrey points out that you’re missing her “IG stories.”

Audrey Roloff’s thrilled as Ember calls her ‘Mommm-uhh’

Mark this date! August 23, Ember called Audrey “Mommm-uhh” for the very first time! Audrey is so thrilled, as any mom surely should be. Additionally, Ember may grow up to be a little chatterbox. In fact, she already says words like “Dada,” “book” and “Hiiiiii.” Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl also knows how to say “bye bye.”

Audrey posted up the milestones because very soon, in just a few weeks, Ember will turn one year old. Audrey can’t get over how the time has flown by. She wrote, “I can’t believe I’ll only be taking this photo one more time!! Next month you are ONE baby girl ? WE LOVE YOU.”

What do you think about Ember Roloff’s milestones? Do you also think the time has flown so fast over the last year? Hopefully, in a few weeks time, Audrey will share pictures of her first birthday!

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