‘Little People, Big World’ Audrey Roloff’s Woes Of Culture Shock Irritates Fans

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff recently shared why she could never shake that culture shock from the show’s cameras. Both Audrey and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, announced a while back that they’d be leaving the show. At the time they didn’t elaborate on their exit decision but today that’s changed, Audrey is talking.

Little People, Big World Fans Clap Back

Audrey Roloff offered up the reasons the show just isn’t for her family, which prompted watchers of Little People, Big World to clap back. The Roloff family members star in a much-loved wholesome show so some of the comments may stun a bit. Some fans weren’t graceful about Jeremy and Audrey’s decision to end their time in front of the Little People, Big World cameras.

Their dating relationship was long distance when they first met. So while Audrey Roloff knew about the cameras, her exposure was minimal while dating Jeremy. She complains about being “thrust into the limelight” and adds that she, as well as Jeremy, are not limelight people.

Audrey Roloff Limelight Woes

Audrey goes on to describe how her first real experience with camera overload was during the weeks leading up to her wedding. All the trials and tribulations that a bride goes through was filmed. From the dress fittings to tasting cake samples, the cameras were there.

Audrey Roloff said as the cameras become more and more a part of her life she had to remind herself that this is Jeremy’s lifestyle. She said, “I just had to remind myself all along like this is a part of the life of the man that I’m marrying.”

Little People, Big World Intrusive Cameras

Not only did she find the cameras intrusive, but the crew came into their home rearranging things. She describes how they jumped into action by turning all their books backward. This is so the titles weren’t seen on camera. She said their bodies were “covered with tape” to cover any logos on their clothes. These logos could not be seen on the screen as well.

“You never get used to it. It’s just a weird thing. [Jeremy and I] we aren’t made for the spotlight. People are coming into your house, turning all your books backwards and covering your body with tape because there can’t be any logos; and lights everywhere and camera crew men. It’s just very invasive.”

Jeremy Roloff Also Wants Out

This “invasive” lifestyle is not for Audrey and Jeremy feels the same way as well, she said during a recent interview. According to Cafe Mom, Audrey talking about their exit from Little People, Big World didn’t go over very well with some fans.

Audrey and Jeremy Get Slammed By Fans

“Don’t let the door hit you and your Bozo the Clown hair on the way out,” was what one fan commented online. Apparently, this was in reference to Audrey’s red hair.

Another fan wrote, “Thank God! She couldn’t stand the cameras… Hooray for our side… That woman is so irritating and never fit in with the show… Every time she came on the screen I fast forwarded it…”

One fan suggested that Audrey wouldn’t be such an unpopular member of the Roloff family if she just humbled herself a bit. Another comment claims that Audrey knew she wasn’t popular on the show. The comments go on to suggest that she couldn’t take the criticism. One commenter predicts that Audrey will “eventually drive Jeremy away with her self-righteous act.”

Jeremy and Audrey Called ‘Arrogant’ Couple

Jeremy didn’t escape this criticism, one fan sees him as “arrogant as she is.”This fan claims “they both act like know-it-alls.”

The couple announced their last season on the show earlier this summer. With that said, Jeremy assured the fans of Little People, Big World that they will still see them. Apparently, this Roloff couple has some projects on the drawing board.  Come back to Soap Dirt for all of the latest LPBW news!