‘Little People, Big World’ Tori Roloff Slammed Over Baby J’s Puppy Murphy

Little People, Big World fans love Tori Roloff and the Baby J photos posted by on her Instagram. In fact, these days, Zach and Tori Roloff are loved for sharing pictures of Baby J and puppy Murphy.

The newest Little People, Big World cast member baby Jackson is so cute and it’s nice to see him growing. But when Tori posted up an adorable photo of Baby J and Murphy on Monday night, one follower slammed her. This was a bit off, as the photo she shared had nothing that looked controversial in it.

Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff bashed over Baby J and the puppy Murphy

The photos that Little People, Big World‘s Tori Roloff posted up of Baby J were actually lovely. The little boy and puppy Murphy were standing in the sunset. Baby J looked perfect with his little baby pot-belly. Murphy, of course, looked his usual cuddly and adorable, happy self.  Tori Roloff captioned the photo by writing, “I’m hoping these two will always have each other’s backs. Watching their relationship grow so much in the short time we’ve spent together has been such a blessing. We sure do love you, Murphy.”

The sentiments from Little People, Big World viewers are nice. It’s all about love for her son and the puppy. Parents treasure such memories. Murphy looks happy with his bright button-eyes and a doggie grin on his little face. Jackson, the latest ‘Little People, Big World’ fan favorite, stands right next to Murphy and shows off his cute little profile. Nothing there to complain about, one would think. Tori Roloff and family all seem to be happy.

Tori Roloff, star of ‘LP, BW’ called out over Baby J’s puppy Murphy

One commenter on Instagram did not join the other Little People, Big World watchers in appreciative comments. In fact, they were harsh about Baby J and the way he treats Murphy. They posted, “Why do u let Jackson yank at the pups tail and chase him around trying to hurt him with his toys while u IG it and laugh about it on your stories?” If you think that was harsh, there was more to come. The second half of the post was insulting to the development of the baby boy.

The commenter went on to say, “I know your kid is developmentally delayed but he should be teachable to be kind to animals.” Well, maybe that commenter thinks Jackson Roloff is “developmentally delayed,” but in actual fact, not so. He is walking and exploring at about the right age. Actually, Jackson was born in May 2017, so that makes him 15 months old. Incidentally, Baby Centre UK notes that a  child can “learn to walk at any time between 10 and 18 months.” This means Baby J is actually ahead of some other kids his age.

Kindness to animals, is Baby Jackson Roloff over the top?

Tori Roloff often posts photos of Jackson and Murphy. Obviously, they spend a lot of time together and in the videos and stories Tori Roloff posts, the puppy has never looked injured. Anyway, how can the slammer possibly know what goes on with Jackson and Murphy when they aren’t on camera? But what do you think of the videos you’ve seen of Murphy and Jackson Roloff playing together? Perhaps you do think it’s over the top, and that he’s abusing his puppy?

What about the internet comments that Baby J is “developmentally delayed?” Do you think there is merit? Or was it just nasty? Stay up to date with news about Little People, Big World by checking back with Soap Dirt often.