‘Little People, Big World’ Baby J Roloff Discovers Music And Dance – Videos

Little people, Big World fans find a lot of delight in Baby J. In fact, the son of Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff simply melts their hearts as they follow the little boy’s milestones. Actually, Just three months back, Baby Jackson started walking and by September, he waved his mom goodbye and waddled off to his first Toddler’s School at church. In October, he went along to the Disney On Ice show with Tori where he looked so cute in his Mickey Mouse outfit. November brings exploring music and dance to Instagram.

‘Little People, Big World’ baby learns about rhythm

Zach went onto his Instagram to post a story. As all the stories are, it’s a very short clip. However, we can see that Baby J enjoys listening to music. He already learned how to push the button that gets the lights flashing while his favorite melody plays. It sounds like Yankee Doodle is a hot favorite. Mind you, one wonders how long his Little People, Big World parents will love the ditty! Children never seem to grow tired of repeating things that interest them.

In the story, Little people, Big World followers can see Jackson sitting in a basket, reach over, press the button, and then start to clap. The cute little guy seems to be getting the rhythm down just fine. With Christmas coming up, the season’s music, bright lights, and good cheer are things we can really look forward to sharing with Jackson. Hopefully, we’ll see much more of him enjoying his music.

‘LPBW’ – Tori Roloff shares Baby J dancing video

This week brought another treat to fans of LPBW. Tori posted up a video of Jackson dancing. Really, this is no mindless jiggling around, but a little man ready to party! As a matter of fact, the video is so cute that Tori mentioned in the caption, it should stay on Instagram in perpetuity. Obviously, the little fellow really found his feet, the rhythm, the music, and the vibe. Actually, it’s so cute and funny, some fans watched it several times.

Fans of Little People, Big World always appreciate the videos and photos that Tori posts. As usual, they responded with lots of nice comments about Baby J. Tori read some comments and she thanked her fans for “loving my kid.” In fact, how can you not love him? Here’s what some fans had to say about Jackson dancing:

  • @barbarasnetiker: “This is hysterical! “Uptown Funk!”
  • @cmehlhoff: “Break the internet with this cuteness omg amazing.”
  • @szelcamanda: This is the best!!!! I’ve watched the video like 10x,” and
  • nannadoodle60: “I am serious this kid has killer moves.”

Killer moves by Baby J Roloff – Little people, Big World

The killer dance moves by Baby J had both the viewers and his mom laughing. Actually, little rocker Jackson really got the moves! What do you think of Baby J Roloff finding his rhythm and learning new dance moves? Do think his dancing is the cutest thing we’ve seen from him yet?

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