Little People, Big World: Zach Roloff Blasted For Baby Jackson’s Picture Alone By Body of Water

Little People, Big World Zach Roloff gets blasted by viewers for a Baby Jackson picture.  Parents Tori and Zach Roloff can’t catch a break when it comes to sharing pictures of their son Baby Jackson. Zach’s recent Instagram post of baby Jackson sitting at the water’s edge has some fans “worried sick,” according to the latest reports.

Little People, Big World – Tori and Zach Roloff, Baby Jackson and Lots of Opinions

The picture shows Jackson Roloff sitting near the water’s edge with no one else around. The camera appears to have taken the picture from far away, giving the appearance he’s out there near water alone. The Litlle People, Big World fans can see that this isn’t a pool. You might understand their concern if it were a pool, in that case, if Jackson fell in he’d be over his head.

With that said, the toddler is sitting on the shore of a lake, which is a body of water that gradually gets deeper. He is sitting, so even before he stood up whoever took the picture could reach him. He is also appears a few feet away from the water, as you can see below.

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Despite the picture being adorable, some fans feel the need to throw shade on Papa Zach. Jackson is sitting at the edge of a very calm body of water. It is not as if he is at the ocean where a wave could crash the beach and sweep him away.

Proud Papa Zach Roloff Posts Pic of Baby Jackson Roloff

The comments started to pile up on the Instagram post about fans’ concerns, reports Good Housekeeping. There were plenty of other fans who came to Zach and Tori Roloff’s defense. One fan posted, “Beautiful picture, ignore the haters.” Another addressed the negative comments by telling the commenters to “get a life.”

The picture is not only adorable, but it is quite artistic as well. It evokes a mood of serenity in nature. Not to mention how adorable the tot looks taking all this in.

Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff Gets It Too!

Tori and Zach must be used to getting shade thrown on their parenting skills by now. This is far from the first time people have reprimanded the couple after they’ve posted a picture.

Recently Tori posted a picture of Jackson covered in brown poops and standing in his crib. This was an incident many parents can relate to. Tori was quick to post a warning with her photo. She warned never put your toddler to bed in just a diaper.

She was very light-hearted about the mess that Jackson created and people found this refreshing. Of course, there were those who saw this as a rather inappropriate picture. But there’s always a few in a crowd.

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I share this with the risk of getting mom shamed (again- and for real I don’t care I don’t get humans sometimes). This is for all those mamas out there that sometime feel like they are sinking. That’s been me this week 🙋🏻‍♀️! But today in particular. Here’s hoping this brings you a good laugh and hopefully you’re Day was better than mine: started out with my husband waking up sick- his headache can’t move I’m dying sick. Now we did get to enjoy a lovely day with friends by the pool but that’s where the fun ended. I came home to Zach still being sick so I tried to play hard ball and get him up and moving- bad idea. He threw up on our front porch because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom (I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t inside). So then I had to hose off throw up from our front porch 🤢. I then come back inside to relax but heard Jackson awake in his crib. He often wakes up and just hangs quietly. I needed the extra time so I left him a couple minutes. After about 20 min I went in his room… this is where it gets bad. I noticed something on his face (of course I think it’s blood or something and start freaking out). As I moved closer the smell overcame me. I noticed brown spread all over his sheets and crib- and oh ya- that’s poop… IN HIS HAIR!!!! To make matters worse… we don’t currently have hot water in our house so I had to drive to another house to bathe him. So ya. That’s my day. If you were having a rough day I hope this helps. I can laugh now that Jackson is asleep in a throughly scrubbed crib. ALSO: first time parents: never. Ever. Under any circumstances. Put your child to bed in just a diaper. Just don’t do it. We all have those days. Today involved both vomit and poop. I mean can tomorrow get any worse? Don’t answer that. #momlife #babyjroloff

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This proud mom shared this picture of the outcome of a baby in a crib with nothing but a diaper on. The little guy smeared himself with feces. Tori offered up the details of how she first saw the substance on his face and freaked thinking it was blood.

It was her nose that changed her mind on that thought. Once she got a whiff of the scene she knew what she was dealing with. She did take the time to take a snapshot of Jackson in this mess and then she posted it online.

Roloff Family Just Regular Folks

While many parents have come across a scene such as this, not too many have posted it for the world to see. With that said, this is what endears Zach and Tori to the Little People, Big World viewers. They are down to earth and very typical of the average family.

Despite being TV stars, there’s not a smidgeon of entitlement coming from this couple and people love them for that! Come back to Soap Dirt often for all the latest Little People, Big World spoilers, recaps, and news.

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