‘Little People, Big World’: Jackson Roloff’s Baby Sister Will Be Here Sooner Than Expected?

Little People, Big World’s Jackson Roloff is ready for his new role as big brother. In fact, it appears that little Jackson will get that opportunity sooner than we all expected. Turns out his mom, Tori Roloff‘s due date is a few weeks earlier than fans were led to believe. So, Tori is due just about any day now. Soon Zachary Roloff and Tori Roloff will be the proud parents of both a son and a new daughter. Here’s what we know about the newest addition to the Roloff clan.

Little People, Big World: Is Jackson Roloff’s Sister A Little Person Too?

LPBW mom to be Tori Roloff is ready to meet her new daughter. She and husband Zachary Roloff announced back in May they were expecting their second child. Then in July, the Little People, Big World reality couple revealed that their new addition’s a daughter. However, Tori remained tight-lipped to discuss whether or not their daughter’s a little person like her dad and big brother or if she would be average size.

When Tori was 34 weeks pregnant, the Little People, Big World couple learned Jackson had achondroplasia dwarfism, like his father Zach Roloff. So it’s likely Zachary and Tori know if their daughter is average size or little like her brother and dad. However, the pair decided not to share that news with fans. They say that no matter if she’s little or average height, they will love her no matter what. Surely the duo has proven they’re great at parenting Jackson Roloff. So no doubt their new addition will be well-loved and spoiled by the entire Roloff family.

LPBW: Tori Roloff Experiencing Contractions

Little People, Big World mom to be Tori Roloff’s ready to give birth to her daughter any day now. The expectant mother is already having Braxton Hicks contractions. However, the reality star had those since week 16 of her pregnancy. But as her due date approaches it’s likely she’s headed into labor. Earlier reports had Tori due at the end of November or early December. But that now seems false. Baby girl Roloff will be here soon, perhaps even this week!

Little People, Big World celeb Tori Roloff has been noticeably absent from social media lately. However, she recently broke her silence with a post of her with her mom and mother in law Amy Roloff. In that post Tori gushes how excited she is to meet her “girlsie”. She also shares, “She has two of the best grandmas on the planet and is so loved already”.

Little People, Big World: Amy Jumps The Gun

LPBW’s grandmother Amy Roloff let her excitement about her new granddaughter’s impending arrival get the better of her. Earlier this month she revealed in a now-deleted Facebook Live video that Zach and Tori’s daughter does have achondroplasia dwarfism like her father and big brother Jackson Roloff. This news was prematurely and likely innocently leaked by the over-zealous grandma to be. Tori and Zach preferred this aspect of their baby’s health to be withheld from fans until her birth. In fact, the only news about baby girl Roloff’s health fans received was that she was healthy and progressing well.

So, Little People, Big World fans anxiously await the birth of Zach and Tori’s second child and Matt and Amy’s third grandchild. Any day now we should be meeting the newest Roloff. Until then we wish Tori a smooth and easy delivery.

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