‘Little People, Big World’: Ember Roloff Rushed to Hospital Emergency Room

Little People, Big World’s Ember Roloff spent the night in the hospital. Her parents Audrey and Jeremy Roloff decided to take their two-year-old daughter to the emergency room. The toddler was running a fever. But after that fever spiked, Ember’s parents took her to the hospital was in order.

Certainly, The Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had a rough night with a sick child. Plus, Audrey is also just a few weeks away from giving birth to the Little People, Big World couple’s second child. No doubt emotions were running high as they waited for word on their daughter’s diagnosis.

Little People, Big World: Ember Roloff Hospitalized

Little People, Big World alums Audrey and husband Jeremy Roloff rushed their daughter Ember Roloff to the hospital late on Tuesday, December 17. Their little girl was having health issues for a few days so when her fever suddenly spiked they leaped into action. Jeremy used his Instagram stories to update friends, family, and followers on Ember’s care. They arrived around 10:30 pm. And by 4:00 am they still had no answers. Clearly Jeremy was beyond frustrated.

Little People, Big World mom Audrey Roloff shared pictures of Ember’s night at the hospital on her Instagram stories. At the 3 hour mark, she posted a picture of Ember wearing a hospital gown, Then an hour later, a picture of her cradling Ember Roloff in her lap.

The last update we received was Ember Roloff enjoying a Popsicle at 4 am. Hopefully, Ember is getting the care she needs to get well fast. After all, Christmas is less than a week away for the Little People, Big World family.


LPBW: Audrey Roloff Asks For Prayers For Her Girl

Audrey Roloff posted on Instagram this afternoon asking the Little People, Big World fans to pray for her sweet baby girl. Of course, the fans will do their part and hold little Ember Roloff in their thoughts and prayers. No doubt Jeremy and wife Audrey Roloff feel helpless waiting for the doctors to diagnose and get their daughter healthy again. As far we know, Ember remains hospitalized still this afternoon.

Hopefully, The Roloffs get the good news that they can take Ember home to continue to recover in the comfort of her own bed. We all wish Ember Roloff a speedy recovery. Additionally, the next time we hear Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are at a hospital we hope it’s to welcome their new son.

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